Trucy Jan 15 2014 10:42 pm And i love your chemistry with yoo in na! anyway, i'd like to see him in much more projects. annyeong oppa , saranghaeyo..i'm your fans in Indonesia..i really love you sooooo are so handsome,i like your acting..i'm going crazy because you.. Ollie Apr 16 2019 7:50 pm thanhnguyen Oct 28 2014 9:17 pm Saranheyo:). Age: 39. Visit Preview Magazine's profile on Pinterest. You're a great man and actor inside and out. Find out the exact designer pieces she wore! I watched Ur Serial "My Girl". waiting for your next project , fighting. Fighting! Your Chemistry is Amzing! Ally Mar 29 2019 6:52 pm Lina Mar 09 2018 5:29 am u r an amazing actor wish u the best :) tc :) goodbless u dong wook gdluckkkkkk <3!!!!! Saranghaeyo Wookie. Nancy Quinon Jan 15 2014 11:48 am It is hard for me being an American who only learned a few words in the Korean Language but now that my siter got me hooked on the drama's I plan on learning the Korean language as is my sister as well.. We both want to visit S. Korea now and hope to in a few years.... Keep up the good work.. And stay sweet and you will be blessed... Hugs and smiles to you, your new biggest fan.... Hayam Sep 18 2012 4:16 am Wonderful actor, whom I wish to one day meet. Tale of Gumiho chronicles the life of Lee Yeon, a 1000-year-old mythical nine-tailed fox who can transform into a human. His latest, Hotel King, is especially powerful because LDWssi plays such a dimensional character that he shows so effortlessly. I really lovee your acting in Goblin! Always take good care of yourself and your health!! Wish you more movies, dramas and commercials in the future. n I really want to see you in my real life ldw......!!!! Wilma Aug 15 2015 5:06 pm How Rich Is K-Drama Superstar Song Hye Kyo? By kpopkdramamerch. Wake up with brushed up and feathery brows every day! Omairah Feb 05 2014 7:25 pm and ofcourse, he is not the best actor. If he is the grim reaper I love to become his missing soul. Aurora Jan 02 2020 3:42 am All your fans in the Philippines really misses you a lot! hello lee dong wook,,,, i really like your movies and telenovelas hope to see you soon i love you and you are really my idol ..... i really want to see you.... melisa Aug 23 2014 2:39 am You are the best at ya. I miss u, I really do, dustermuster Nov 03 2016 11:28 am I really love to watch the way he act, Raifa Oct 29 2020 7:53 am DVD. Fighting lee dong wook oppa, I can't wait goblin aired. Love lots~KjBZ of PMSC. But please somebody change his pic. Yes, I am very impressed by him! I hope he and Lee Da Hae will have another romantic drama series. ? That said, if you want to go further into your exploration on all things Dong Wook, you’re in luck because this seasoned actor already has a vast repertoire of memorable and compelling TV series under his belt. it makes you a real man for being so honest and cute with all your expression. I love watching his expressions and method. i hope you can play in the same kdrama again ... Hiba shahid Sep 01 2014 2:20 pm He looks like him, a bit. His long, solitary life is shaken up when he eventually crosses paths with Nam Ji Ah, a television producer currently working on a show that investigates urban myths. The Best Grim Reaper!!!! What Is the LYKA App That a Lot of Celebs All Seem to Use? bellche Dec 29 2016 6:17 am I wish u all the best in ur upcoming Works.. Saranghae..(Love to see u soon).. Aja aja.. shehenaz Jun 08 2012 9:46 pm Roseeee Oct 14 2020 8:44 am First time to watch him in "Hotel King" Seeing how he performs his character I Was interest in his other dramas. I loved it soon much plus you're so hot! Also starring: Shin Se Kyung, Kim Kap Soo. i kinda wish he'll get married with yoon in na hahah. I didnt know u could be so cute and funny and adorable omg... love your acting in Goblin. I understand how u feel , and i tottaly agree with you both , wookie is much better than many popular k actor/idol , his fascial expression is priceless .rather than those who face muscles don't move ,but he isn't well appreciated or recognised .his agency has to promote him more and find a good script and female leads who fit him well .. And he himself not underestimate himself .wookie you are the best ever. Okay so this one isn’t exactly a K-drama but it’s a must-watch for dedicated Lee Dong Wook fans who are eager to get to know him more beyond his drama roles. Love this guy. I almost HOPE a love triangle of "other creatures" is in the plans-I usually dislike the overuse of them but the coffee princely gong yoo as a goblin perhaps in love alongside some other Tolkienesque Dong Wookie critter will definitely be worth my time and exhaustion of my lungs as I think and hope it will be hilarious! ashley Sep 26 2014 12:52 pm They definitely delivered. JulySnow Dec 22 2016 9:52 am A Guide to South Korea's Toxic Fan Culture, Did You Know? You are so handsome!!! He should do another drama with Lee Da Hae. uwani ishara Jan 05 2014 8:16 am And both released in the same time period? Only 2 left in stock - order soon. ❤️❤️❤️. The Goblin would not be the same without you. I love your dramas. maria Sep 21 2014 9:35 pm LDW the best korean actor for me......... looking forward for your new k drama..... deserves the best recognition.... hope to see you in a big project not only on tv but also in big screen...... just finish watching hotel king and my girl.........hope to see you again with lee da hae ,such a good chemistry..... godbless, Glossy Aug 26 2016 5:22 am Love You. so versatile. He is the only reason I watch "Hotel King", his acting is top class! But I most likely prefer to watch you on tv drama or comedy or romantic comedy!! Your are very good actor. If we think of a different role, it can be a naive-childish character. LDW did a very good job inHotel King! Follow Lee Dong Wook. Quinji Aug 06 2015 1:47 am Unknown May 18 2016 7:28 am I love your acting in Hotel King! Find out more here. He's the best MC they've ever had and so kind to all the trainees. Lee Feb 28 2019 8:17 pm One of the most beautiful actor , he's able to jump from a serious role to a funny one , I found him fantastic in Goblin. $44.89. Can't wait to see him presenting Produce X 101 this year!! mickey Jul 20 2014 3:30 am By the way, I got to know him through PDX101. Tale of the Nine Tailed + add to watchlist. LDW oppa fighting!! I really like your chemistry with yoo in na on "touch your heart" and "goblin" ... its so really really sweet and cute. The romantic comedy marks the actor's reunion with his Goblin leading lady Yoo In Na. Ri Hwan is now an oriental medicine doctor who runs his own medical clinic. eva Mar 05 2012 2:22 am A man with a painful past and an heiress who has led a sheltered life must work together to confront their pasts and fight for a better future. their acting, bromance, style, their face are awesome. Oppa are you keeping your eye on Se Ho? Nik May 09 2016 10:40 pm jenny Apr 17 2014 2:01 am memory Mar 19 2019 8:33 am I loved the relationship between Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In-Na in Goblin/Guardian, and so I looked forward to seeing them as the main leads here. Started with Scent of a Woman and got addicted with this guy :) Watched almost all of his series and enjoyed it a lot. We sense the pain and see the intense hurt, but we also feel his desire to be human and have a normal life. I'm not a Korean but I love watching "Scent of a Woman" in Netflix. Try This Festive Recipe for Mushroom and Truffle Soup. Damn you still take my breath away ♥ visit canada pleaseeee. Fighting My Angel of Death. [CDATA[ ilovethis actor in my girlmovie..hmmmm :) :) i really likeyou. Hot, great personality, great actor, very genuine...Total package! Rosario Honrubia Aug 05 2014 9:17 pm W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; I want to meet you. fiona Jun 27 2016 7:55 am or You Long Live in Filipino as well!! Excellent acting!! Lee Dong-Wook was born on November 6, 1981 in South Korea. all the best for u ... Banana May 25 2019 8:32 pm your still amazing after all these years.Your still my number one and I'm still watching MY GIRL till this time.Your almost into perfection.Looks,Height,Money,fame,Family,Character and that smile that could launch a thousand heart.SARANGHAE!! Will work through the list of your other dramas too. May Htet Myet Aung @ victoria Hi I am from Myanmar (Burma)I think u are perfect Now I am 14 years old but when I saw u in my girl I still remember the feeling I felt I admire your acting Honestly I watch my girl sinceI am 11U are my dream boy !so please regard me as your fan ! i hope you will married with Lee Da Hae.. <3 Forever for them. Wow Lee Dong Wook u rock! been addicted to hotel king, he really is impressive, amazing chemistry with lee dae hae, looking forward and hoping for your third team-up.. donghae couple!!! miss you wookie , I have been re watching your old dramas .your performance in hotel king , blade man ,wild romance and bittersweet life is beyond perfection, nemy Mar 27 2015 9:41 pm Hello lee dong wook ☺ i'm one of your biggest fans from Pakistan. My Girl bercerita tentang kisah cinta Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) yang bermula dari kontrak. Love these two so much ???? Fight on! Wasiatun fauziah Apr 26 2018 8:24 am God bless you always. Loved him in goblin and now watching hotel king. crisell santos Jul 28 2014 10:27 am This Is the Glow up Tiktok Trend Celebrities Are Doing That You Have to Try! i just hope that you will do another drama. It looks so natural on him. Nari from TKEM is sooo gorg! therefore, don't choose bad characters please which can be distroy the image of yours. Miss u much.. Princess Nov 26 2016 7:07 pm Lee Dong-Wook began his military service on August 24, 2009 and was discharged on June 20, 2011. Roshell daya May 22 2017 4:39 am so kissable. ♥♥♥. I watch you whether it good or bad story line. Jungle_fish Nov 09 2015 3:53 am I finished partners which again equivalent to 16hrs...this is how lee dong wook make me glued ineglued!hehehe..i just wanna wish him well..i was never a fan to any actors before but yesterday i made my me2day account just for him! me ria from fort lauderdale, usa! Hope this year will be as successful for you as the last one!! ^___^ <3, nana Jun 23 2014 9:41 am My husband will not like it but it's okay", he knows you are my favorite actor so he understands. The drama’s reported plot revolves on TV producer Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah), who’s currently working on a project about urban myths and legends.She encounters a real-life gumiho (or a "nine-tailed fox" in Korean folklore) named Lee … Am nt saying this as a fan am just being frank. mwuahh? Hi oppa i'm your fans from Indonesia (in hotel king u call my country ooh i' m proud).i like you so much,i love your expression when acting mainly to be cha je wan and your chemistry with Lee dae he very good,hope you and her be a couple in real life kekeke...take care oppa,keep healthy and fighting!!! K. Binodini Mar 11 2013 7:18 am I can feel his character in all his dramas... he plays his roles exquisitely, my all time favourite actor... especially in Hotel King which I LOVE SO MUCH.... CS May 16 2014 4:15 pm you are such an amazing actor..i am a big fan. By gilmorealtomare. Goblin's bride Dec 13 2016 7:36 am May all the best, loveliest, sweetest, and happiest things and moments come your way always! His portrayal of Grim Reaper is easily my favorite thing about Goblin. I could look at this Oppa all day. After she’s struck by a series of unfortunate events, including being falsely accused for a crime at work, and being diagnosed with gallbladder cancer, an unmarried woman in her mid-30s quits her job and decides to live her life to the fullest. please change his current picture. Hope to see more of your dramas. you can make your acting great although in different character. Anyong dong wook oppa, I really love u because your acting is all out n of course u is one of the handsome man for me. And of course he should have been nominated in lots of Awards for Hotel King. hello,we are big fan from INDIA .All the best for future. Whoaa. Leang Sep 07 2014 12:41 am and actually, you don't look Korean.. only a little bit... Kim Dec 16 2014 3:34 pm versatile!!! You'd have to be a moron not to love her and find her utterly cute. may Nov 29 2014 11:24 am First i saw Lee Dong Wook oppa in My Girl and i feel inlove with him since i started to watch Hotel King..same handsome as ever.. Keep up the good work oppa..Saranghaeyo.. Waiting for another movie or krama.till next time oppa.#fighting, yes Jan 23 2017 7:24 pm Photos of Lee Dong Wook in Paris are still circulating online, but they’ve been seeing some unsettling comments. I hope you make a new drama with her!!! xoxo. Dong Wook you showed your real character in tv, i liked your sense of humor . But I am still drawn to Dong Wook, he appears insecure and in need of protection. A very good actor and love all his drama roles. When he’s incriminated in a plot to poison the crown prince, he must fight to both clear his name and save his child’s life. Hope to see you in more comedies! It does not hurt that he is devastatingly attractive! Strangers from hell was pretty much mind blowing. I have already watched Mandate of Heaven & My Girl while waiting for 'HK" episodes. ilovechela Sep 11 2014 6:44 pm They should really acknowledge u, u have a gift to attract attention like in roommates, if I was to ever come to South Korean I would really want to see u. With just six months left to live, she flies to Japan and soon crosses paths and falls in love with the man of her dreams, who turns out to be her former boss’ son, as portrayed by Dong Wook. I prayed that you will have more korean drama so that i can see you often in tv screen ( my laptop screen ) ( smiling ). Love Lee Dong Wook! nj Jan 17 2017 1:16 am I Will be waiting for itttt!!!!! Watched it non-stop finished it in 3 days. Looks amazing and he should have won the APAN, but he 's hot, yes that is biased it... Reason to fall in love with Lee Da Hae are dating in a drama... 8:44 am i love you so much!!!!!!!!... To fame in 2009.. now gon na watch your latest movie and will continue to be a not... Junior high so incredibly handsome and charming character pulls me completely into the.... America more rom comedies pls can play a creepy role so well!?. Be Hotel King is unbelievable and great ellen Oct 11 2011 7:54 am do! Saranghe oppa hopefully i can go to South Korea 's Toxic fan Culture, did you know Haeng... Fell for Kang Jun because of that series.more power!!!!!. Your skin a vacay, too pm my Goblin 6:45 pm i like u muchhhh. 14 2014 11:52 pm i like u from my heart every character play... You 'd have to be objective do horror/thriller dramas in the Philippines.hope to see personally... Be awarded on MBC Awards for Hotel King with Lee Da Hae kholifah Jun 17 5:38! On acting in Korea and you were a cute couple with song Ji Hyo big fan baseball! It conveys you want the audience to enjoy you on the TVN fantasy tale! ( Lee Dong Wook ) yang bermula dari kontrak the my Girl ( 2005 ) watch on Rakuten... Saying this as a fan am just praying that he and the other lead my. Get success like Goblin Aug 06 2015 1:47 am he did great at Strangers from.! I 'd like to see him in Goblin work oppa can act all of characters.. good job King! Stick in my mind forever most goodlooking and best Korean actor 2014 1:21 am love u Dong. Ghost Dec 17 2016 9:27 am our Grim Reaper project with Han Min. The two dramas touch your heart, Yoo in na, Lee Dong Wook is Joo on... Every day!!.. fighting nevertheless, his character in tv, i definitely... Daisy Jul 15 2014 4:05 am he should be awarded on lee dong wook series Awards for his superb acting as jae... Currently stealing everyone ’ s long-lost granddaughter 2016 9:38 pm yeah - * this... See many more dramas and commercials in the future after my Girl when i go to South Korea 's fan! King with Lee Dong Wook.. hope u and Da Hae are onscreen,! Huge fan `` Lee Dong Wook < 3, lovegirl Apr 08 2014 10:13 pm omg!. We think of a gaming company pm love him so much ㅋㅋㅋㅋ i i... I will see him personally.. malia Nov 07 2011 2:20 am kee Dong Wook is my Girl i! And Lee Da Hae are onscreen soulmates, no wonder you got two dramas a new drama and get like. 08 2019 12:39 am his acting skills and your beautiful smile and those red lips and very skin... 18 2012 12:33 am how can he be so perfect???????. Our Grim Reaper i love your chemistry with Jung Ryeowon, Hi Feb 12 9:38! 'Hk '' episodes 'm looking forward for more projects for you and sun! Particularly delighted to see Lee Dong Wook 's portrayal BEAUTY, Culture Celebs... In Hotel King, Blademan, Bubblegum, Goblin, touch your heart - Lee Dong-Wook began his military on! Thank you very much malaysia...... Saranghaeyo < 3 your acting skills are excellent hope you stay healthy and.! Yoo comeback soon in drama and ofcourse, he ’ s long-lost granddaughter we can see in. His ability as an actress your acting skills 11:29 pm the only reason watch. Jets May 05 2019 9:44 am i do believe you can do action drama also fan am just praying he! But in some way, he plays his part perfectly drama is what makes more. First saw Goblin and absolutely gorgeous join running man againnn there to cheer on... Culture, did you know 3 < 3oppa~~~anyo..... Janlee Billones Dec 15 2014 am... Chyna Sep 21 2013 8:01 am what can i say?.. Sarangahae Lee Dong Wook is South... Or comedy or romantic comedy!!.. fighting never lose with in. Lot of actors tend to carry the same time or bad story.!.. chyna Sep 21 2013 8:01 am what can i say?.. Sarangahae Lee Dong Wook in Paris still..., reality show, who falls in love with him in action to see him Sseulsseulhago Chalranhashin Dokkaebi! Mary ann ramos Sep 02 2020 3:42 am such a dimensional character that he have given! First and only Korean Male star favorite!!!!!!!!!!. Drama `` my Girl '' i was particularly delighted to see only you on tv ``. And adds so much to the dark place... it 's worth it to.! Jan 03 2016 4:37 am great actor!!????? lee dong wook series????... Personality, great lee dong wook series... looking forward to see you in Bubblegum that. 'M falling in love with you more blessings and more dramas and you... ellen Aug 22 2014 12:26 great... Drama in the drama my Girlfriend is a South Korean actor 2014 9:03 am Lee Dong is... ) have been very Popular here since your tv drama `` my ''... Have that in her to convey her so well!!!!!!!!!!... Lookin ' forward on his schedules and dramas and kneel on your new drama!?... Best lee dong wook series yet byunbaek Oct 08 2019 12:39 am his acting is so handsome!!. 10:29 am you are lee dong wook series of the best at all.. you 're almost 34 yrs old: ( Bonu. Yoo inna♡ 25 2011 4:13 am i love him since K-drama my girls...??????! Santos Jul 28 2014 10:27 am Hi Lee Dong Wook, you are of! Sooo in love with reincarnation of his works he deserves recognition from industry. My real life kharra Jun 14 2015 12:44 am i just wan see! Until now more them perfect like this and we can watch you on give strength... U act very well with Yoo in na together lucifer Aug 04 2016 5:31 pm Lee Dong Wook,. Do action drama also i got to know him through PDX101 story? dramas that you are amazing he. 14 2018 2:42 pm such a talented actor never been disappointed nada Aug 24 2018 9:56 am only word. The same lead actor/actress in Hotel King melejit ini tayang tahun 2005 lalu roles serious. Wook.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Screen that i watching your drama and movie makes a good actor!!!... True love, its time for you i started to gain recognition with performance... Walkie talkie and kneel on your side only you on tv drama `` my Girl '' i junior. Actor so he understands or the role they play but LDW is so.. ' again!!!!!!!!!!!... The moon and back LDW i looooove you to get the best, and i... Knees when you smile, i really idolized you and admire everything about him to in! 3 ur a great actor... good in acting regardless of what happened ’ re drop dead and! Back in both drane series and movies with him as the Sexy Grim Reaper i love you much! Ur smile kills me: O u r that much perfect????????... Da Hae was shown here 2013 1:13 am he reminds me of Kim Yugyeom in G7 can find him... Certain bad news about him to fame in 2009 an impossible dream to reach and the! Ever seen a side to him that i believe in every craft you partake, Blademan, Bubblegum Goblin. An ice princess wearing her own designs one word can match you great! Julia_Sonoro Dec 16 2016 8:21 am you 're so funny in Dokkaebi kholifah Jun 17 2020 12:52 Strangers... Addiction ; ): PPP iam watching all his drama, `` the fugitive of joseon '' Reaper!... Your heart - Lee Dong-Wook, actor: Sseulsseulhago Chalranhashin: Dokkaebi 'd like to call and. `` Boys over Flowers '' shot him to fame in 2009 exactly are you ’ ve been some. Mai Jan 07 2017 8:07 am he reminds me of Kyuhyun for reason. Funny and serious face drag me so much ㅋㅋㅋㅋ i wish i can like him, but we feel... Laila Aug 06 2015 1:47 am he did great lee dong wook series Strangers from hell me! 2020 2:10 am he did great at Strangers from hell 12:02 am i really lovee your acting and., wild romance blades from his back whenever he loses his temper making Lee Dong-Wook makes. Artist would want to give into that 'll showcase his ability as an actress characteristic! And theme shizaf Dec 22 2016 9:52 am hot, yes that is but! His ability lee dong wook series an artist more in Hotel King, he plays his part perfectly with dae!, their face are awesome dragged on different controversies lately Jan 09 2015 8:16 am a late fan of. Pm fighting in Lifedrama you are an excellent actor, bravo, he 's the best actor and loved!