Their support - infantry vehicles, heavy artillery and sappers. Here for sale is a genuine, honest land rover defender ex - military 300 TDI. Under the contract with the British Army, Navistar will supply 262 Husky vehicles to the TSV fleet for deployment in … Cherished Vehicle Insurance understands the passion that military vehicle owners & collectors have for their vehicles, which is why for 2020 we have enhanced our products. Call or text Paul to discuss further at 780-656-5808 Call or text Paul to discuss further at 780-656-5808 2 You're currently ... End of Line & Sale Items . Established since 1950 Flag images … We are The Official Ministry of Defence Contractors for the Disposal of Clothing. Cherished Military Vehicle Insurance can provide cover to suit the needs of today’s ex … Vehicle sales are handled by Military Vehicle Solutions Ltd.. All the CVR(T) vehicles are full refurbished to a high standard and for an additional cost, we are happy to airbrush it to a colour or camo pattern of your choice. Welcome to British Military Surplus. We are very excited to announce that Khaki Corps Imports will soon be offering a very special group of British vehicles to our discerning collectors. Military vehicles classifieds with no listing fee on adding adverts containing military vehicles for sale UK. Tanks – rulers of the ground. 1941 Plymouth P11/P12 US Army Staff Car Located in Texas Price on Request! Excellent condition as only used once. WW2 military vehicles for sale in the UK are especially desirable thanks to their historic appeal. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Ex Army Vehicles. Nine more vehicles were ordered in February 2009 to maintain capability in theatre. Mot til June 21. in this lot mint dinky toys military model: dinky toys no. The vehicles are all stored in pallets in dry storage ready for immediate delivery. Located in Ulverston The cheapest offer starts at £1,950. If you're in the market for a vintage military vehicle of your own, here are a few tips to finding the perfect item for sale on eBay. Armoured tracked beasts. Vehicles for sale New stock Logistic Workshop Paintshop: Contact Details Contact us About us Visit us Multimedia FAQ's Terms sale and Conditions: Website Information Export BIS Licence Notices to Exporters Completing the End User Forms Website Terms Cookies Security Policy Logistics involves the setting up and running of an effective, self-contained transport network. Some time in it's life, the top was covered with sheet metal by the Army since it is painted olive drab. Military Vehicles and Equipment We specialise in the sale of ex UK MOD surplus vehicles, ex army trucks, plant and equipment as released from service due to fleet upgrade, reduction of reserve stocks or through governmental cut backs. The British started its operational duties in October of 2001 with US and UK forces disrupting and effectively ousting the Taliban government and Al Qaeda out of power and have mostly annexed the leadership to neighboring Pakistan. In the late 1960s, the British Army issued prerequisites for a new Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) or CVR(T). 2.5 diesel. The society members have a number of CVR(T) vehicles and Alvis Stormers for sale in the UK. As such they are all LHD with 2.25 litre diesel engine. Military armored and tracked vehicles for sale. Demilitarized military vehicles for sale experienced the combat trail, or at least participated in military exercises – this undoubtedly plays with your imagination and accelerates its work. Within this section you will find all the items available to be directly purchased from us. Army surplus vehicles for sale UK British Army Surplus Issue AFV Balaclava Green Armoured Fighting Vehicle hood: 5.99 £ | Vintage Military Adjustable Wrench S| Please also see my other items for sale. British Army Surplus Canvas Vehicle Cover FC 101 in this lot; dinky supertoys no. Used military vehicles for sale, or, if you prefer, demilitarized military vehicles for sale – … Rusting legend: This DUKW Amphibious vehicle, which was used during the D-Day landings, produced between 1942 and 1945, and used by the British Army … Items 1-24 of 43. The British automobile industry brought us many milestone designs, from elegant opulence to tractor-like basic transport. date: saturday 23rd july 2016. time: 11am. There are a total of [ 428 ] Cold War Vehicles (1947-1991) entries in the Military Factory. There are a total of [ 22 ] Active British Army Vehicles and Artillery (2020) entries in the Military Factory. The vehicles are all ex Dutch reserve stock. 1942 Dodge WC-53 Carryall. Buy your own T-55A, T-72, 2S7 PION, MT-LB or BMP, tank or other tracked vehicle. Though the brands have now scattered almost completely across foreign owners, names like Rolls Royce, Mini, Bentley, Triumph, MG, Jaguar, and Aston Martin will remain British … With plenty of DPM and PLCE gear to look through, you're sure to find something new! Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). Logistic vehicles. 6,400 miles. Should you get a vehicle for parts or a refurbished military vehicle? Explore 31 listings for Ex army vehicles for sale at best prices. These vehicles will be referred to as "The Royal Collection". Atlas Editions 1:72 M4A1 Sherman British Army 27th Armoured Bgd, Normandy, France, 1944 £12.95 $14.43 14,19 € ¥1,491 $19.02 $20.32 £10.79 $14.43 11,82 € ¥1,491 $19.02 $20.32 Buy | View The British Army has kept pace with rising battlefield requirements, fielding a broad collection of modern systems. Army rebuild 2009. Email Address . British. Logistic vehicles provide the machine power to keep the Army … Check it out! Quality Kit at Sensible Prices with Free Delivery on ALL UK Orders! An ambulance variant of the Viking was trialled by the British Army in Afghanistan in February 2008. To keep our guns firing, tanks driving and soldiers fighting, takes vast amounts of fuel, food and ammunition. Military vehicles for sale - We sell Ex Military Land Rovers, Ex army trucks, MoD Surplus, Ex Military and Nato Plant and Equipment for sale. Shop with confidence on eBay! The FV 430 family of armoured vehicles entered service with the British Army in the 1960s, but regular maintenance and improvements including a new power train have enabled this old workhorse to remain in service into the 21st Century. A batch was delivered to the British Army in 1949 & after thorough testing was found to be an ideal platform for many military uses. general auction of british army (batuk) equipment, assorted vehicle spares & vehicles. British Army Gore-Tex Jacket - DPM Woodland – no external pockets – DISTRESSED RANGE Out of stock Large Desert Camo Net - British Army Surplus - 12 x 12M £159.99 £396.00 SALE; British Army Guards Greatcoat - Grey Wool - DISTRESSED RANGE £30.00 british army surplus vehicles . Ex military trucks for sale, Mod Sales, army NATO Disposals - used British military vehicles. All of our items, unless specifically stated as New, are in Used Grade 1 or Grade 2 Condition. Tracked vehicles. MoD Surplus / NATO Disposals Ex. X5 good wolf wheels/tyres. Ministry of Defence equipment for sale such as ships, boats, vehicles, aeroplanes and helicopters. The vehicles are also used for transporting supplies. Page. … In 1967, Alvis Vehicles received the contract for their light tank. Sign up for the latest news and offers, directly to your inbox! At Army Sales we can cater for all your Kit needs for a weekend Cadet camp to a 6 month off Grid Expedition into the Wilderness! Published 30 January 2014 Last updated 21 September 2020 — see all updates Original ex military radio 110 1986 defender. Hardtop, roll bars inside/outside. Ex military Land Rover Series III 88 The “light weight” or 88” series III is a versatile Land Rover that is still current in military service. Husky will support light armoured vehicles, while Wolfhound and Coyote will support heavy and light armoured vehicles respectively. The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration signed a $100m contract with BAE Systems in January 2012 to buy 48 Viking vehicles. Welcome to the Direct Sales section of the MOD Sales website. The FV101 Scorpion began production in 1972 and entered service in 1973. Being a land rover ' special vehicle ' manufactured under contract number 9542.13... British armored vehicles in Afghanistan have faced a lot of criticism during their stay in operational combat in the southern parts of Afghanistan. More photos to come. ... FOR SALE- $3,900.00. We offer a Huge range of Items that all are Genuine British Military Items. In this section you will find our range of Surplus items of the British Army. The FV432 can be converted for use in water, when it … We stock over 2000 items of army surplus vehicles and equipment. Lull mlull10k 10,000 LB army military telescopic forklift forks, 25 ft reach, cab, 17.5r25. A more rugged, similar type of vehicle, the Austin Champ, was also introduced at around the same time but this was only around five years owing to the continuing success of the Land Rover. British Army Surplus Canvas Vehicle Cover FC 101 R . Labels: For Sale.