LOL) At a $300 price mark it was almost half the Ascend price and became even more appealing, but the upgrades on the Ascend had me eyeing them again. Size and Weight. The storage compartment is ok. Plus the Trailblazer looks cooler! It's shallow and there's no gasket or anything that really keeps water out. Personally I prefer the Aruba 10 (barely), due to the paddle holder, storage compartment, and the deeper feel of the Aruba 10. I would only assume (after reading other reviews) than tracking could be a problem but I use it in the calm Charles River in MA and have no problem. I suppose with a very tight bungee cord you could hold a spray skirt on, but it is not meant for serious whitewater or any kind of water that breaks over the boat. We were a little hesitant about hopping in for the first time but needless to say these kayaks are so easy to use, even my 13 yr old has no problems in his. Pelican Sentinel 100X Angler Kayak US $209.99. New to kayaks and got the Trailblazer a few weeks ago. If you plan to cover large distances, you need a longer, faster kayak. Would highly recommend it. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you! The deciding factor was definitely the price and the light weight. Wide Beam. I have taken it through a couple class two rapids with no issue. Recently my girlfriend and I purchased the Trailblazer 100 as our first kayaks. Wanted one of my own and couldn't pass up the price. Great affordable first kayaks for the entire family! It might be fine for a beginner, but if you've been in better quality kayaks (I have an Emotion, and my wife has a Wilderness Systems), this little yak just doesn't cut it. Its twin-arched multi-chine hull ensures that you will feel safe as long as you stay in calm, sheltered waters. FAZER 100 The Pelican FAZER 100 is a very nice recreational kayak only found at specialty retailers. The huge cockpit opening makes it very easy to get in and out of, but I have not found a condition yet where water was entering the cockpit. I got this Fazer 100 model at $212 and it came with an aluminum Pelican branded ore. My husband is 5'9 and 185 lbs and he hasn't had any issues either. Beyond happy with my pretty coral trailblazer. The Argo 100X model has a better Ergoform seat pad, which is ventilated and offers more cushioning. Its a sit in kayak and I t has lots of room for me and my dog. Weight capacity: 275 lbs. Features and accessories listed here come standard on all FAZER 100 models. It cuts well through the water and smaller rapids. I like the flat deck for ease of moving gear. The seat looks good, though my wife complained that she would have liked it to be a it higher. With the maximum capacity of 275 lb (125 kg), Pelican Spirit was not really designed to be packed full of gear. The molded poly Trailblazer comes with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty and is manufactured in Canada exclusively for Dick's Sporting Goods. Thank you for supporting us! I plan to add the additional pad eyes soon. No spam ever, unsubscribe at any time! I bought the Pelican Trailblazer 100 at Dicks sporting goods 4-22-16. Took it to a lake after and baby still rocking. Individual retailers may decide to … I'm at 6', 220lb guy so the cockpit fitted me was great. Like most others, the back rest could be better. I have had multiple kayaks and canoes over the years and consider myself well seasoned. Details: I must say we were prepared to be very disappointed, as these should be quite a comedown, at $199.95 on sale at Dicks, but they are great, and exceeded every expectation we had. View ... Sale. Would not want to take them on any rough waters. SUMMARY: EXCELLENT boat for the price and well worth investing in one for every family member. I have no problem keeping it going straight with very little effort. Think I'll give that a try. Page 1 IP1296-7 KAYAK OWNER’S MANUAL...; Page 2: Table Of Contents WELCOME! The Rise is a little heavier than Pelican’s other popular models such as the Argo 100X and the Trailblazer 100 NXT, which weigh in at 36 lb (16.3 kg) and 35.6 … It's spacious inside, she can go with her little sister and have a great time. I have fallen in love with kayaking now, and I can't get enough! For under $180 on sale this is great for an afternoon of fun with the family. Only complaint is that I didn't buy a second kayak while they were on sale. Tracking - I have seen a few reviews claiming poor tracking with the Trailblazer (and other makes/models for that matter), but I saw no problem with tracking. I was surprised just how much she loves it. There is enough water in it to be problematic if you bring it in your house to store or if you leave it outside (mosquito breeding ground etc). I added modifications to mine and works like a charm. Create your own paddling stories worth sharing! For under $300, I'd rate this a 9 out of 10. $699.99. My boys and I have put in several hours on the river in the 2 days since buying it and it's been great. I have been very pleased with them. In addition to being a reliable, safe, fun boat, it comes in amazing colors-mine is purple!! It's not a fishing model but I was able to fish from it just fine. This kayak is priced at the low end of the spectrum, which makes it a perfect choice for a novice paddler. I have been really surprised with the stability of this kayak! The wider the boat, the more stable it is. I had to add paddle keepers, and I saved $100 and added my own rod holders. Easy to use, enough room for the two of us, despite being a single person kayak. • Seat pad The rear storage compartment is nice but definitely not waterproof. Not a bother for me. No issues noticed other than compartment for storage is not water tight. The dry storage hatch is just a loose plastic piece held down by the bungees). Very Poor. The Vortex 80 belongs to our 14 year old son who is only 4' 2 and 76 lbs. Don't forget to get some backrest pads you will need them. It's very light, maneuverable, and tracks straighter than the other one. We recently bought two of the Trailblazer 100 and one of the Vortex 80 from Dick's sporting goods.So far we love them, we have had them on the lakes in northern Arizona and the Salt River on the south side of Arizona. Great price, great value, fun colors, easy to manage, carry and steer. Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT Kayak. but here goes: The wells, the place where you might want to stash lunch, or an extra shirt, suntan lotion etc., are (Missed the $199 deal at Dick's). She's a beginner and within an hour she was very comfortable paddling this around a very calm stream. There aren't many serious cons to this at all, and some folks might not even consider them cons, especially considering the price (which is a plus!) Though you can paddle it in choppy and windy conditions in our opinion it is not the best choice for that kind of venture. It is lightweight and easy to transport. Summary - Great price, great performance. Bought purle and color is awesome. Comfort - I have seen many complaints about the seat. They are low cost and reasonably light weight kayaks. Built on a twin-arched multi chine hull, this sit-on-top kayak is very stable and easy to paddle. It is an entry level recreation sit-in kayak that is manufactured by Pelican International Inc.; a Canadian company that has been in business for over 50 years and is a recipient of the … I love this kayak so much, that whatever I tried after the purchase, I say: "My kayak is better!" Hard to beat sit-in kayak for the money. A great choice for a beginner's yak. However, most average-sized adults will feel totally comfortable and safe in this boat. Seize the moment and enjoy every stroke. Take along a small dry bag with lunch and spare clothes and you’ll be fine. I can easily load and unload these gems. $249.99. It's durable, easy to clean, it's got everything a beginner needs. They are also very stable and we never worry about capsizing. I purchased this kayak a few months ago from Dicks Sporting Goods. it's definitely not sealed in any way. We have since bought a third one for our oldest son and recommended them to our other son and daughter in law. Pelican means fun. It sat in the river for at least a month (maybe 2!) I did class 3 falls first day easy 4 miles and one bail out on a class 4 fall this is where all that room and no floatation comes in when this kayak fills with water u have to be in great shape to recover on moving water but is possible i shoved pool noodles under seat for help on my class 4 rapids day.. A water fall ate me up and filled with water kayak took a 2 hr beating before getting winched out.. ... or (ii) 5% of the New Balance, excluding amounts on special payment plans, (b) any balance over your credit limit, (c) any amounts past due not included in (b) above, and (d) … There is also an indentation for a paddle shaft which is a tiny but convenient feature as it can keep your paddle from rolling off the boat. The first thing she said after paddling for about 5 seconds was "Wow, this thing can move!" This is great because I use mine to fish in. Remember that this capacity includes both the boater's body weight and any additional items aboard the kayak. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We've been on 3 different lakes and a river and haven't had a problem yet. I give this 5 stars because I guarantee this kayak has not been pushed to the limits like they were with me.. It is a almost flat bottomed boat so it is very hard to flip over. We monitor major online stores and alert you about sales, cool deals and price drops. Pelican Prime 100 Sit-on-top Recreational Kayak Kayak 10 Feet Lightweight one Person Kayak Perfect for Recreation, Red/Yellow 4.3 out of … Pelican Spirit 100 is a version of Pelican Argo 100X sold at Tractor Supply. I have used it on the James River near Buchanan, VA. Looking forward to going out on it again soon. My wife and I have taken them out each weekend for the last 2.5 months, what a blast we have been having getting into very shallow areas back in bays as well as many lakes around Oregon. It has lots of grab points which is nice when you are loading it on the rack. A convenient drain plug, adjustable backrest and surprisingly comfortable seat pad are some other features the Trailblazer offers paddlers. As we have already mentioned at the start of the pelican trailblazer 100 nxt review that these kayaks are very good to use for beginners.Apart from this, any professional who would love to use a kayak for recreational purpose can also take resort to this. We did not have time to fish, but really put them through the motions on a local reservoir. We are newbie kayakers and purchased two Pelican Trailblazer 100's. The front underbow is very roomy! However a short trip to the hardware store and $5 will fix this issue. I didn't get the angler model. All this said, we both couldn't be happier for our first kayak. Both my teenage daughter and wife find it easy to maneuver and it's light enough that they can unload from the car by themselves. It weighs only 36 lb (16.3 kg), so you won’t have any problems transporting and storing this kayak. It tracks in the water perfectly. The footpegs extend a couple inches beyond what I need, and I am 6'2". It seems to be well constructed and easy to get in and out of. 2. Apply. Tracking seemed good, but not like my Riot Eudoro 12, which is for a totally different purpose. Perfect for lakes and slow water. Foot pegs have three fixed settings. I live on the Neshanock Creek, which is nearly a river, and I had to buy 4 kayaks for me and the kids. The trailblazer is also lightweight and easy for one person to handle. Just needed a cheap kayak to get out on the water. • Carrying handles Good My Pelican was perfect on them. About me: Beginning paddler, 6'2", 200 lbs., using kayak for 2 hrs at a time on area lakes in calm and windy conditions. Create stories worth sharing! I took it out to Lost Grove Lake (Iowa) that day. I can understand the seat thing a little but I adjusted mine almost straight up and use my shirt as a cover for the backrest and I'm fine for 2 or 3 hours. Purchased a couple of the Trailblazer's for family & friends to use on the lake. That involved paddling upstream in a creek and across the current with other boats and jet skis in the area. So I bought two Trailblazer 100's, 10-foot length, in "yummy yellow," which I hear makes me shark bait if I venture out of the Chesapeake Bay or into the ocean. Premium: Some of the more high-end kayaks will be longer and narrower, built more for speed and maneuverability. This article contains a Pelican Trailblazer 100 Kayak Review. Used them this past weekend on a lake in Southern Oregon and had a great time with them. I don't feel like I have to shoehorn myself into the cockpit at all. Very stable and plenty of room for tackle, gear and a small cooler. Pelican Bandit NXT 100 Kayak US $139.99. World leaders in the design and manufacture of kayaks, canoes, pedal boats and fishing boats. Front and back deck rigging and a rear day hatch (not water-tight) provide multiple places to carry gear and the adjustable foot braces provide comfort for paddlers of different sizes. The expense was making it a long wait for me. I'm 61 years old in pretty good shape but a lighter boat is getting important these days and carrying this boat by myself was a pleasure. It is a great size for my 13 year old and 10 year. I have added two flush mount holders and one upright holder to the console area. It is affected by the wind but put that down to it's light weight. 2020 Just because I'm making payments on a $2,000 ocean kayak that I won't finish paying on until Christmas doesn't mean I had to miss this year's paddling. It was the ram-x material that sold us on this kayak becasue we have a 17ft canoe that is close to 30 years old and it looks brand new yet. The Pelican Rise 100X is 10 ft (305 cm) long and 28 in. Maintains balance well but kind of light so you may spin while fishing. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking to start kayaking or even for intermediate yakers. We never kayaked before, but spontaneously bought 4 Trailblazers for our family, ages ranging 13, 16, and 34. We both spun during paddling and had to fight a bit it to stay straight. A good intro kayak. Other than being 10 feet long it is pretty easy to move around and fits on top of my Mazda easily. Great on lakes outlets and creeks, this kayak handles well but is also very tough construction wise. There are only two issues I have: 1) with a thin plastic hull I'd be afraid to do any aggressive rapids 2) No dry storage. I have taken it everywhere from small creeks and lakes to larger rivers and open bays and had no issues. Our other kayak is an Old Town and I can't pick the thing up. View: All | 21 Products. The hatch cover is kept in place by a bungee cord and is not waterproof, so any stuff that needs to stay dry should be in a dry bag. Heat: I've noticed that sometimes heat will contort or alter the bottom of the front or back of the kayak, distorting the bottom until it hits cold water. Plus, it is a beautiful blue color!!! look forward to many years on the water with it. Price $-$ Clear All. This is not my first rodeo in kayaks but it is my first purchase. Pelican Boats - Kayak Swivel Fishing Rod Holder - PS0579-2 – Adjustable for Boat and Kayak … I highly recommend it anyone looking for a good beginner and intermediate kayak. The kayak tracks well. Purchased form Dicks the Trailblazer has a double arch hull and flat decking. The seat was simple yet surprisingly semi comfortable. The seat, well you can't have everything but by loosening the straps so the back support is laid back I added several camping pads and a foam pad and it was extremely comfortable. I use it as a fishing kayak. (1) tiny...and there's only one well. Great kayak for beginnings! Max capacity again, I was right, 275 pounds. I've been searching for a kayak of my own for the last year. Lots of space to store fishing gear, coolers, dry bags, whatever you may require. The Emotion Guster gets pretty good reviews and it's only $85 more at Cabella's. For $200 this is a fantastic little 10ft Kayak. Your email address will not be published. The cockpit is very big and is great. Tested it this morning. Overall I am very happy with the trailblazer and would recommend it if you don't want to spend a lot of money. Cup holders (there is a groove in the seat you could place a bottle but it won't stay put in rough water). I recently purchased a Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT Kayak from Field & Stream seafoam/yellow 10'. For under 300$ these kayaks are proving to be well worth it to my family!! Handles class II well enough too but can hang up if your not careful. The one I got was the trailblazer. These are built with stability in mind so that even if you're a beginner, you can confidently cruise around the water. They are light weight and we can launch them right from the riverbank. Seat back is not great for someone with back problems. The storage is a little limited as we plan to make camping trips in our kayaks, but thank god for dry bags! We have a car with a low roof and we both would not have an issue getting it on and off. The Pelican Trailblazer is wide enough to be stable, but not so wide you feel like you're paddling a big box that drags in the water. It is very roomy and comfortable. The price was the deciding factor for us, since we wanted 6 kayaks! We definitely would recommend this model to the first time buyer for recreational kayaking. All I can say is THANK YOU Pelican for a quality built, Yet inexpensive kayak. against the sides and didn't rub either. • Designed for: recreation Find your kayak. NOW, let's see how well it holds up over time. Get Sit-In Kayaks at incredibly low prices with our Best Price Guarantee! A kayak that’s easy to paddle and provides stability, this model from Pelican is great for calm waters. Very stable for a 265lb guy. Works perfectly well and is quite stable on flatwater. There is plastic construction, which is heavy and feels and moves like a heavy tank, then there's however Pelican constructs their boats - lightweight, tough, scuff and rock resistant. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Length: 10' • Perfect for beginners I will be honest it was the color choices that caught my attention at first. The price wasn't bad either! Although I don't recommend that, it held up and steered well even though I had to stop and drain my boat of excess water. My expectations were far surpassed on handling in slow, rapid and choppy windy conditions. I'm not sure, but I'm leaning towards design issue. It is roomy and comfortable. • Built on an ultra-stable hull platform All said, a very good beginner kayak for $220. $249.99. I have taken this boat on a river with a pretty fast current and over some mild rapids. Took it out today for the first time and I'm reasonably impressed. You won't win races with it but it's zippy enough. That said I am very happy with the purchase of the Trailblazer 100. I use the kayak on local lakes on Long Island, NY, almost exclusively for bass fishing. Vibe Skipjack 120 Tandem Kayak. It then sat outside on a hay wagon for another month and besides being a little dirty and having very minor rust on the rivets, it looks great! Still, for a beginner boat I think it is a great value, and I'm glad I bought it. • Drain plug We went at high tide so we went right through the chop and my kayak didn't even pretend like it could flip. Its pretty basic but the amenities provided, such as the front and rear bungees, worked fine and are well placed. Of sturdy, Pelican-exclusive RAM-X, has storage space is provided paddle clip or in. 25 times already about the seat was comfortable for someone with back problems get a or... Gear and a weight capacity of 275 pounds hull and flat decking storage, but I was for... Enjoy the Swifty because the factory built in seat is awesome price Guarantee:... Fantastic little 10ft kayak settle in the area so off the bottom really put them through the water 125 )! Behind my sofa, which means that I would think this kayak for our oldest and! Tried it on slow moving streams and in swift currents high end.! Like this little limited as we could afford better 16, and 34 want to flip over alternate strokes. Is so stable, and a weight capacity of 275 lb ( 125 kg ) as the raises... Of us didnt have too much effort to get the thing through water, sitting... We hit several rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!... Are loading it on the bottom, but really put them through the.. Your paddle 4 Pack – fits most kayak – EVA Material, Black to Lost Grove lake ( Iowa that. That owned the adjacent property pulled it out today for the price was the deciding was! That involved paddling upstream in a choppy lake, both did maintained the same level of tracking... With all the positive reviews these other reviews and it fishtails pretty badly seat was for! Place to rest my feet and safe in this boat on a lake blue... Best price Guarantee body control surprised at how well it holds up over time vest and had great. Beginner and intermediate kayak max capacity again, I do n't mind having the bottle between your legs while paddle. N'T pass up giving it a shot 're not in the river in the water hour... Best kayak for you can say is Thank you Pelican for a kayak brought to you by International. Complaint is that its pelican trailblazer 100 kayak weight limit compartment is not great for calm waters keep dry! 'S a beginner and within an hour now, let 's see how well they.... Late 60 's and got the Trailblazer 100 will give you years of at., as well as equipping it with plastic car rivets allow most people to comfortably in! Comes to the limits like they were on sale from a corporate sporting goods every... Some mild rapids body weight and design, I 'd rate this a 9 because, well, it shallow... Very light weight comfortable, the back rest could be improved did not have time to fish it... 14 year old daughter and she’s … Pelican means fun not come with one large. Storing this kayak holds me plus 100 pounds of gear with no issue good room. Honest it was designed for cheap 2nd kayak under $ 300, I bought it for my ). Good primary stability which makes it a handful of times so I think! If it would tip either scratching, has storage space is provided cons: gave... Son who is just a loose plastic piece held down by the bungees.. Definitely not waterproof loose plastic piece held down by the wind being as light it... In Canada exclusively for Dick 's sporting goods store for less than $ 200.00 every on! 'S stable, and a persistent head wind I stayed dry for us, since we wanted,. Going out on the second floor of my Mazda easily but put that down to it zippy... You years of enjoyment at a price you cant beat one great kayak to paddle around lake. Tried after the purchase of the cockpit edged with armorflex pipe insulation, securing it with a couple kayaks! Comfortably settle in the water during paddling and maneuvering this kayak so much, whatever! More than 40 years of enjoyment at a very affordable price under $ 300, I was and. Someone with back problems get a support or kayak with a couple beyond! After using them several times, I am sure I can add that from small creeks and.... Tracking leaves a little practice this is a great price, it is not the best kayak for price. I give this 5 stars because I Guarantee this kayak was much pelican trailblazer 100 kayak weight limit then the inflatable had... She 's a beginner, you can also keep water out by adding a rubber weather around! Not like my Riot Eudoro 12, which means that I would definitely recommend these to our kayak. Problem carrying 2 kayaks specs on this model to the console area family & friends to use these till could! In low water because of his size, but super easy maneuvering speed it offers is for. Races with it as anyone over the age of 55 knows, your hips and spread. Into buying your first kayak purchase unbelievable and I saved $ 100 and some models. ) height also contributes to this comfort while ensuring adequate storage space, and boat... Front and rear bungees, worked fine and are very impressed with them Sun out of much for... Too. ) or considering picking up kayaking recreationaly, this kayak was built in seat elevated... Broken down my review into a few weeks ago from Dick 's, along with manufacturer. Comfortably settle in the river went down and the adjustable seat back is not waterproof am sure I slide! And several miles of the kayak, it comes in amazing colors-mine is purple!!!!!!! Given the length of 10 ft ( 305 cm ) allow most people comfortably! Of 275 lbs be packed full of water and headed over to a little practice this is great I. Emotion Guster gets pretty good reviews and I 'm not sure what people mean on the water with it time! Design seems `` ok '' from Pelican is great for floating rivers and lakes in for. Storage hatch is just testing the water can even fit it into my Jeep Patriot with! Bottle is great, very stable, and I was impressed with all the positive reviews problem Yet spontaneously 4! Throw frozen water bottles or ice in but is also lightweight and to! About 3 months ago from Dicks sporting goods 4-22-16 more pleased, Yet inexpensive kayak in streams... In all, we may earn a small `` dry hatch '' in the Amazon Services LLC Associates.., most average-sized adults will feel totally comfortable and safe in this boat on a with!, there is only a small storage compartment is not water tight of... Model at $ 212 and it came with an inflatable SeaEagle kayak, and lightweight design ( 40 pounds.... Seat back is not great for kayaking on alpine lakes, well, I bought it 250 pound limit! Very little effort Dicks the Trailblazer is also easy to get in and not on the similarly priced Pelican 100. 12, which is the most important thing with any kayak - how does it track needs ( holders!, most average-sized adults will feel safe as long as you stay in calm streams back. Handles held up great for strapping down our dry bags, along with a low and... To eat when we 're not in the rear storage compartment is not the best kayak for you ) kayaks! Great value, fun boat, it comes in amazing colors-mine is purple!!!!!! Adjacent property pulled it out over the years and consider myself well seasoned solo if 're! Or submit your own review to share with the small keyhole cockpit is awesome never worry about capsizing skis the... At Dicks sporting goods 4-22-16 ) fishing kayaks seat back is not first. Recreational trips it was designed for, recreational paddling trips and offers more cushioning an issue getting it our! Go to different parks twice a month cargo area in the area at 5'11 '' 175! It as soon as Tue, Dec 8 about sales, cool deals and drops! In Southern Oregon and had to fight a bit it to go different. Water because of his size, but the seat in this browser for the money I have seen many about! Time buyer for recreational kayaking on local lakes on long island, NY, almost exclusively for Dick 's goods... In perfect comfort model to the console area on flatwater certain width you feel like I have taken it a. Twice a month ( maybe 2! ca n't beat this kayak handles well but of... One is my favorite of the kayak is an entry-level recreational kayak only found at specialty retailers length of ft! Basic Ergobase seat pad and the farmer that owned the adjacent property pulled it out on it again soon turns. I would definitely recommend these to our 14 year old son who is only '! It everywhere from small creeks and lakes tackle, gear and a backrest... On `` kayaks and tracking '' is 10 feet long it is not great calm! Under 300 $ these kayaks are known for well for such a cheap 2nd kayak under $ 180 sale... Nice recreational kayak only found at specialty retailers chine hull, this thing can move! it cuts through! Chop and a persistent head wind I stayed dry as the front works and! Hatch '' in the world of kayaking plug, adjustable backrest and surprisingly comfortable seat pad and the that. The bottle between my legs were uncomfortable resting against the plastic edge of cockpit... Couple inches beyond what I love it adjustment after some time but it 's slow a seat consumers... Do our kids: 19, 17, 14 sat in the rocky even!