The It is a basement-cored thrust fault–related fold that formed in response to Laramide tectonics. google_ad_client = "pub-1182166660032404"; 0000001186 00000 n The Sheep Mountain anticline (Wyoming, USA) is a well-exposed asymmetric, basement-cored anticline that formed during the Laramide orogeny in the early Tertiary. Field mapping of Sheep Mountain and … Geology Of the Bighorn Basin; 34th Annual Field Conference Guidebook, 1983 Pages 96-111. Where in the World is this GigaPan? Little Sheep Mountain Anticline - Fracture Analysis Graduate thesis research pertaining to fracture analysis of the Little Sheep Mountain Anticline. Image credit: Wikipedia commons. 0000001759 00000 n The eventual goal is complete geologic map coverage of Sheep Mountain Anticline. Comb Ridge is the abrupt eastern flank of the Monument Upwarp. Geometry of Sheep Mountain Anticline Sheep Mountain Anticline is a basement‐cored, doubly plunging, asymmetric fold (Figures 1 and 3). The Sheep Mountain anticlinal complex between Lovell and Greybull, Wyoming, in the Bighorn basin provides exposure suitable for three-dimensional stratigraphic studies of Mesozoic rocks. Dec 4, 2013 - Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. The Sheep Mountain anticline (Wyoming, USA) is a well‐exposed asymmetric, basement‐cored anticline that formed during the Laramide orogeny in the early Tertiary. Name: _____ _ The image above features a slightly off-axis view of the NW-plunging nose of the Sheep Mountain anticline (44.642°N, 1 OB.186°W) in the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming (left side of image). 0000006560 00000 n The development of fractures in the sedimentary layers of Sheep Mountain Anticline, a Laramide asymmetric fault-cored fold of the Bighorn Basin, is documented and interpreted to constrain the kinematic evolution of the fold. An anticline … 0000000696 00000 n As Sheep Mountain is a topographic high and barrier to streamflow, how was the river able to establish itself and eventually erode through the anticline? 0000002261 00000 n The fold is cut by the Bighorn River perpendicular to the fold hinge, providing excellent exposure of Upper Paleozoic strata in the core of the fold. The Bighorn River cuts the anticline normal to … The Ancestral Bighorn River established a course over the landscape while the anticline was still buried at depth. Jan 3, 2019 - 121 Likes, 4 Comments - Bernhard Edmaier (@bernhard_edmaier_photography) on Instagram: “Aerial view of the Sheep Mountain Anticline in Wyoming, USA. The trend of the anticline parallels that of the Bighorn Mountain uplift located 20 miles to the east. This analysis demonstrates that the growth of Sheep Mountain anticline induces a brutal release of 15Mpa of overpressure accumulated before folding during layer parallel shortening. It is 15 miles long and the involved rock formations, which were originally horizontal, have been bent and uplifted over 1000 feet. /* Archives 200x200 */ Spence Cave is an inactive, dry cave located 390 feet above the Bighorn River in the Upper Madison Formation. Fold geometry at Sheep Mountain anticline, Wyoming, constructed using airborne laser swath mapping data, outcrop-scale geologic mapping, and numerical interpolation JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH Lovely, P., Zahasky, C., Pollard, D. D. 2010; 115 Toggle. The Sheep Mountain anticline, in the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming, formed during the Laramide orogeny. School Begins! (a) Field photograph of bedding surface showing the abutting relationships between Sets II (0458) and III (1358) at hinge site 39 in a sandstone of the Amsden Fm. The trend of the anticline … The Sheep Mountain anticline plunges to the northwest. //-->, Earth Science Picture of the Day is a service of, Earth Science World Image Bank: Sheep Mountain Anticline, A Virtual Field Trip to the Virgin Anticline, North Antelope Rochelle Coal Mine, Wyoming. by impervious shale and within reach of the drill in folds favorable for the accumulation of oil and gas. May 1, 2019 - Aerial view of the Sheep Mountain Anticline in Wyoming, USA. <]>> The blue line down the center of the fold represents the axial trace, or the line that separates the two dipping limbs of the fold. Typical anticline. Sheep Mountain is a textbook example of an anticline fold. Categories: Observations of shearing also constrain spatial and temporal variations of the stress state across the anticline during folding. The Laramide orogeny was characterized by a NE–SW compression (Engebretson et al., 1985; Bird, 2002). %PDF-1.4 %���� This summer two of my sons and I took a hike through the Jurassic time period. Map 1: This structure is the Sheep Mountain anticline in Wyoming. Mesozoic strata at the Sheep Mountain Anticline, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming Different ways to divide up the geologic record: Lithostratigraphy: by physical attributes of rock Biostratigraphy: by index fossils The Ancestral Bighorn River established a course over the landscape while the anticline was still buried at depth. 1). An anticline is an upward, curved fold in the layers of rock in the earth's surface. _GeologyLinks | Geography | Geology | Landforms |, Interact: var addthis_pub="usra";Share | Discuss on Facebook | Subscribe,