next he wanted her death because of what happened to his team but she personally didn't kill them it seemed more like a order from fug. When Bam confronts her she doesn’t say it is because he will be trouble later but because he annoyed her (I forgot it was something like this) and honestly that is petty as fuck. Especially not a woman. She does things underhandedly and doesn’t seem to see any wrong in betraying those who’ve put trust in her, even going as far as to exploit Baam’s feelings towards her just so that she could escape to the hell train after the workshop battle. Rachel created an avatar " Icarus " which looked nothing like her. When encountering each other against in the Hell Train Arc, Khun would go out his way to torment and belittle her as payback for all her betrayals. What ever you desire, Then Rachel suddenly left, stabbed Dann's leg, went off with her fug traitors (the same people who had set him up to die in Hand of Arlene) then clashes with Rachel again in Hell Train station, and watches as his bestfriend get betrayed again, and it's right before his eyes this time. (ONLY ACTIVE RANKERS), SIX THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ATTACK ON TITAN'S LEVI ACKERMAN, WHY ARIFURETA'S ANIME WAS SUCH A BAD ADAPTATION, WEBTOONS: FIVE WEBTOONS/MANHWAS YOU WILL LOVE IF YOU LIKE SOLO LEVELING OR TOWER OF GOD. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Crazy right? But he could only save one—Rachel or Khun, his past or his everything, and in the end— Very few ever make it to the so-called top of the tower, where Zahard made his legendary contract and prevented all others from climbing higher—and when Baam makes it to the 134th Floor, he quickly discovers why. Rachel had killed his best friend and Rachel had killed Khun Aguero Agnis too. The man built a entire team to betray her and hunt her down, In one of their last encounters he humiliated her and told her he'll make sure he takes everything from her. All those frustrations building up, Khun hating Rachel with each cell of his body (and humiliating her) is just justifiable as Rachel wanting him dead (though, she still once saved his life). To that guy, I’m somewhat like a star. Well while I do believe she could have reasons her feelings on the situation and the overall context came as very hateable. We have seen a lot of Anime with great action. Besides let’s not act like Khun isn’t a piece of shit like most of the tower. I agree, Rachel, like everyone, just wants her nemesis dead (I don't really hate Rachel for trying to kill Khun, but for other reasons). 'that is here'. But his teammate's resolve is only strengthened by Rachel's condition -- vowing to "be her legs" to assist in her seeing out her life's goal. The fact really shocking Khun. Viole is sent to end the life of Khun Aguero Agnis, unaware of the misfortune that will place him in his victim's home, being naively nursed around and (maybe) putting the success of his mission in danger. Now for all we know, this is the moment that changedTower of God forever! How long has it been since Rachel tried to kill Khun, since Rachel tried to kill him? Ironically, she would also betray Baam during the final test on the 2nd floor, thus making her the most hated webtoon character ever. From the moment her body was found buried under 500 pounds of dirt in a car abandoned at O'Hare International Airport, the murder of Rachel Rachlin in 1993 had stumped police. Khun's not above using underhanded tricks to have his way but he'd never stoop so low as to betray a friend. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. She also regularly lies, manipulates and betrays people for no apparent reason. It was the moment when I started hating her and while I like Khun it isn’t because she tried to kill him. So fuck Rachel. Both of them have good reasons to hate each other and they inevitably clash As always, nobody is wrong here, People detest Rachel because unlike Khun she recoils from any semblance of self-reflection and refuses to admit to her flaws compared to Khun who's well aware of how conniving and untrustworthy he is. Power? completed; Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. When Bam is finally at arm’s length away from her, there is an odd flicker in her eyes. So I get why they're hell bent on murdering each other but Rachel drew first blood. khun originally was gonna kill her because he thought she killed bam but that wasn't the case. Heck, he didn't even raise a finger against her all those years. Okay, so anyone who’s anyone’s surely heard of Tower of God. Baam would like to believe… That maybe Rachel … No matter what happens, you must never betray another person! If you betray a woman, the world’s ceiling will collapse.“, This was a phrase that Rachel used to tell Baam during their time outside the tower. He meets Bam in the first test of the second floor, and deems him interesting … The author, SIU has stated that she is actually the female protagonist of the story and is actually quite charming girl once you get to know her (like hell she is 😑). Bam also cares for Khun, and we see that he is willing to go far to even threaten Rachel, if she harms his friends again, after Rachel tried to kill Khun in the Hidden Floor of the Hell Train. Khun fanboys/girls will never accept this lol. The only thing she really succeeded in doing was just making us hate her more and send Khun down the path Revenge. Rachel then attempts to kill him again. TOWER OF GOD: RACHAEL, ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HER! Tower of God. TOWER OF GOD’S STRONGEST CHARACTERS! idk bout you but in the tower if someone tries to kill … ¸ë‹ˆìŠ¤; RR: Khun Ahgehro Ageunis) is from one of the 10 Great families that first climbed the tower, and the direct son of High Ranker Khun Eduan. or; bam is sent to kill khun but gets hurt and now khun is naively nursing bam back to health and stealing his heart and bam is just weak Looking at the six Regulars, Khun asks the team to be the boundary that protects Rachel. Ok, I'm the greatest Khun fangirl on this Earth, and I definitely hate Rachel, but I have to agree with you. The thing is one thing Rachel likes to talk about is how she was unlucky or couldn’t help needing to climb this way (which I call bullshitbthe later it goes). In the world of Tower of God,which is mostly populated by a lot of morally grey people, Rachel is portrayed as an individual who truly doesn’t see anything other than her goal as something of value. As OP said, he thought she killed his beat friend. Another betrayal! She defends him during the fight and insists her group isn't after the crown. He owns that side of himself and uses it to his advantage whilst Rachel plays the victim and acts like a cornered animal who had no choice but to resort to depravity. ( Log Out /  Khun realizes that, because of the rules, this will prevent her from continuing to climb the tower and, in turn, shattering Bam's motivation to climb after her. I don’t know if you’ve called it yet, but Tower of God’s Rachel is basically a big b****. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Not long enough. A star that shines so bright. Rachel remained silent, but Khun could tell she was shocked. I’m sorry Baam… I’m sorry… Please forget about me. Viole's reaction. While the Tower of God is not BL, fans could push for Bam & Khun, and I even noticed some scenes where they appeared to be close to each other physically. If that isn’t hate, then I dunno what is. Oh, and Rachel doesn't want to kill Bam, after all? ( Log Out /  Khun’s heart opens and closes rapidly at what was to come. Tower of God (Korean: 신의 탑; RR: Sin-ui Tap) is a South Korean manhwa released as a webtoon written and illustrated by S.I.U. What are your thoughts in Rachel as a character? Khun described her as “A sly woman” , she does in fact acknowledge this to be fact but also counters with the following words; “Sly woman? Well, this was surprising, considering the fact that Khun knew she Killed Baam and was actually planning on killing her later. Maybe justifiable in her mind, but it is serious strategic mistakes that would have cost her life if Bam is not sure merciful. Change ). I thought it would be interesting to do the She killed her friend out of jealousy for crying out loud and crippled a man for having the gall to talk back to her. It was revealed by Headon that she was in fact not chosen to climb the tower but got in by accident, as it was stated by SIU in a blog post that it was Baam who opened the door of the tower, and Rachel just happened to fall into the tower through it. Rachel is many things; she’s a liar, manipulative, pathologically self-righteous, a hypocrite, not to mention sociopathic! In fact, Khun’s devotion and friendship with Bam could be argued as a showcase of what Rachel and Bam’s relationship could have become if allowed to mature in a healthy way. Revenge? Rachel, disguised as Icarus, then "helps" Khun by healing him after he got stabbed in the stomach by Khun Kiseia. Meanwhile Khun's not a bleeding heart who oozes compassion either but in this case, he just wants to avenge his best friend. He will never kill her, but after this I really hope that translates into him fucking her over so bad that she actively avoids coming into contact with him or anyone on his team. Subscribe to find out the latest in the world of African Comics, Animation and Gaming! The tower is a dangerous place, and the people who climb it are not good people. It means she doesn’t fucking deserve fair play. Betraying is bad! "Rachel was the one who killed Bam, Khun and also the one who created Jue Viole Grace," said Bam monotonously. This plan would have succeeded if not for the intervention of Baam. When Khun puts himself into a self-induced ice coma because of Rachel, Bam is adamant about escaping with Khun from the Hell Train. Well, this was surprising, considering the fact that Khun knew she Killed Baam and was actually planning on killing her later. Fortune? Meanwhile, Michael killed Gyetang in a borderline torture session, and Edin Dan gets stabbed by Rachel and looks to be dead. That’s what I should be like to that guy.“. *Keep in mind that the following article contains spoilers from the webtoon which have not been adapted yet in the anime. Rachel to Khun, obviously talking about Baam. ; Cassano stabbing Horyang in the back. The only reason he did not outright kill … So that I could be reborn.”. Press J to jump to the feed. It tastes like a scolding. Khun is too much of an obstacle for Rachel, so she simply got an awesome opportunity to harm him and she took it, it's normal in the tower and all that, But I don't get people who accuse Khun and say it's his fault (well, not you, OP) she harmed him, like he wronged her without reason. level 1 It is good that Bam knows giving her any form of fairness will harm your dear ones. She was in a competition to get the thorn so how does plotting to kill help with that? It also showed just how far Rachel was willing to go to achieve here goals, be that working with fug or setting traps to ambush and kill Khun. Meanwhile, Hwaryun just hummed, unfazed, and Ha Jinsung frowned before pulling out a cigarette. That’s right. The first time Rachel tries to kill khun is because she became aware that Khun was preparing to kill her. Khun did also start it tho. It was the event that truly kick-started the story. But to someone else, I’m the brightest woman ever. Like Rachel yelling; like her anger. I mean come on, people actually compare her to Griffith from Berserk. Every character in tog except bam and team sweet & sour can mercilessly kill someone to protect themselves or their friends so why would rachel wouldn't do the same. What do you desire? She doesn’t deserve a team build on trust because you need to be fair before you deserve fairness. He then asks that they help her climb the Tower, but only pretend to be friendly and nice. She wasn’t going to get away with it so easily. At some point during their journey in the hidden floor, Khun was tricked by Rachel who disguised herself using the virtual reality device of the big breeder Chung. In his mind, Khun apologizes to Bam that going this path with Rachel needs to be done. A son of Khun or is he? Rachel is a girl who, like Bam, is not of the tower. Believing that Rachel killed Bam, Khun orders the team to not grow attached to her. ( Log Out /  As a fellow webtoon reader, I can’t help but feel the same.One thing that appears to be a hot topic amongst new fans of the series is the character of Rachel. He's gonna be fucking furious. It was just pure hatred. Only the cruelest amongst us should carry that burden.” He clenched a fist, “Khepri and Rachel...they are the only clues Baam’s killers left behind that we can reach. This plan would have succeeded if not for the intervention of Baam. She has done many wrong things but the biggest thing i don't like about her is that how she never admits that she has done some mistakes and always thinks she is the right one. Or something that surpasses all others? She chose to betray Bam to reach her own ends and then road on Khun's coattails for 6 years to flourish. This is mainly due to the readers of the webtoon who spare no effort in teasing us with the fact that the story is as good as fiction gets and and generating hype for the future of the show. At this point, she overhears De Lee declaring how foolish it is to defy destiny. Claiming that she felt threatened by the fact that Baam would gain new friends and leave her in the dark, she betrayed him all for her selfish desire to climb the tower so she could see the stars. ( Log Out /  Khun returned the smile, then adopted a more neutral expression when Ha Jinsung cleared his throat. The fight is going nowhere as Rachel is waiting for something and Bam is not hard-hearted enough to kill. Rachel betrayed Baam to go up the tower even tbo Baam and all his team was decided to climb with her. “This world is so dark…I can’t stand living in it anymore. We just love him because he’s so good at it. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. He can “not” kill her despite the fact that Rachel killed a team member and maimed another in a fit of rage.just because of Bam. “Aren’t you guys supposed to be on the 77 th floor?” Khun asks, tilting his head to look at Lero-ro. This video contains major spoilers for Tower of God Season 2! Yes, you may be right. If you're haven't read the Floor of Death Arc I recommend not watching the video. Turns out Rachel is actually classified as an irregular. It just gets old after 400 chapters man, Both of them have good reasons to hate each other and they inevitably clash As always, nobody is wrong here. Yeah it is understandable to see why she'd want him dead. It also showed just how far Rachel was willing to go to achieve here goals, be that working with fug or setting traps to ambush and kill Khun. The tower is brutal and unforgiving and you must win countless battles of attrition to survive so Rachel's methods aren't that contemptible.