Decent ATK, and good passive that’s easy to activate, supplemented by his good leader  skill. This Video’s Current Like Goal: 750 Likes. — and there are few other SR PHY Z-Fighters except, incidentally, for Resolute Valor, the SR PHY Teen Gohan, who has tons of better link candidates, and Honed for Battle Adult Trunks, although SSR Namekian Rage Piccolo has it as well. Okay HP, okay DEF, but low’ish ATK, which is the most important stat. Shocking Speed is becoming increasingly common, and Western Galaxy Rivalry Paikuhan, TEQ Enigmatic Power Whis, STR Irreversible Judgement Beerus, Power Awakened Ultimate Gohan, AGL Absolute Realm of God Super Saiyan God Goku, and AGL SR The Nightmare Returns Frieza each have it, among others, so he can have value on multi-type  teams as well, but true horror is watching both TEQ Friezas team-tag on an unsuspecting foe. Good secondary effect on his Super, though, and Berserker is pretty decent now. He bizarrely has no links specifically for Frieza, but that doesn’t change that he’s pretty solid overall. Press J to jump to the feed. - Completing Epic Showdown Z-Hard stages to enable Hidden Potential System. 2 Phy Beerus and 3 Str Whis 1 Lr Phy Buuhan 3 Agl buccolo 1 Lr str Vegito 2 Phy Tien 1 Agl Bardock Lr Banner First pull got me Str Lr UI Goku(YES!!!!) Not exactly a dream team, but you could do a lot worse. Ultimately, he’s a more useful  Infinite Fighting Spirit 17, but versus a different type. He’s highly specialized, so he may seem like he’s ranked generously, but  his ability to work with other units of his typing and role gives him some considerable value. His passive is nothing amazing, but it can save you a couple of support items. Good ATK stat, and while his links as a whole aren’t good, he shares Bombardment with  Mightiest of Monarchs King Cold, and given that you should be using one or the other on your PHY teams most of the time because of their leader skills, it helps that both  have a useful link and are both also solid. Time for an Epic Showdown” to your advantage; Overflowing Resolve Goku is guaranteed to drop from the Z-Hard version of the first stage, and if you Z-Awaken him — a feat made easier by the fact that you can farm Gregory medals from Normal of the same stage — you’ll have a good shot to raise Determined Defender’s Super, and combined with his passive, deal some excellent damage. This unit’s true claim to fame is being able to have a hand in defeating the event Perfect Cell, though, via the associated link. He also links tremendously well with the TEQ version of his final form self, if you manage to snag him too. 闇をさすらう宇宙の壊し (Dokkan Event Turles) dragon ball z; dokkan battle; dbz movie; category leader; turles; the real goku black; lol; 37 notes . Majin Revival Plan and Magic Consumer are both great links, but they’re also both with very few units, mainly Malevolent Magician Babidi and A Monster Unleashed SSR Majin Buu, but neither of them are particularly amazing, and Demon Duo doesn’t do anything yet, so that’s not great. - Hitting Rank 50. Super PHY … Dokkan Battle Updates And Guide Random. But moreso than Bardock’s case, his links with them are extremely powerful — although there are no other STR units with them except for one, limiting their effectiveness — so it may be worth using Brutal Battlefield Diva even though she’s not particularly great for this reason alone, even in an STR-focused team. Reignited Fighting Spirit is solid all around, regardless, although it stinks that he can’t have his Super raised by other Vegeta units, hurting his value because of the overall high number of strong units in STR. The result is a rare case of a good defensive unit that also has some offense to go around, making him stand out more than most units from the Dragon Ball tournament summon, especially if you’re struggling against an INT boss you can’t beat with a +Ki leader alone. Set Up Your Team Formations Properly During Battles ... Tien … WT INT GOHAN! Determined to Fight Goku (Kaioken): Max LvL 120, Rarity UR, Type Super PHY, Cost 40, Leader Skill: Super PHY Type Ki +2 and HP, ATK & DEF +90%, Super Attack: 20x Kaioken Kamehameha greatly raises ATK for 1 turn and causes supreme damage to enemy, Passive Skill: Double-Edged Sword Like Cunning Strategy, he links with Demonic Pride INT Piccolo through Brainiacs, and if you  somehow have this unit, Demonic Pride, and Call of Duty Nail on the same team, you’ve actually got some incredible survivability in place, especially if Gero is in the lead. He’s not the worst SR in the game — probably — but he just doesn’t offer you anything. Fusions is broken af. DBZDOKKANTUBE. Befitting of our feline overlord, his Super has the Extreme  modifier, which is becoming increasingly common on SRs, but is nonetheless very rare, and his lowers DEF for good measure. The +3 Ki leader skill is always among your most valuable options, but Proud Royalty  stands out more than most such leaders with his good stats and above-average links. SSR AGL Gotenks. His links are also a little better, although a lot more exclusive; unless you’re rolling with a Buu team, probably not something you’re going to get a lot of use out of. High ATK and a solid passive, which won’t come up for you right away, but will typically be there when you need it, which is generally good enough. They’re usually heavily versatile, extremely powerful, or both, and they can find themselves contributing to very powerful teams; even SSR-heavy groups can find a place for these guys. Passive is standard stuff which may save you a couple support items, but overall isn’t anything special. He has an interesting leader skill, although you won’t be using it for long, if at all, partly because of his most notable trait: that he Dokkan Awakens into Super Android 13, who’s better than him in every way, including his leader skill, and mostly solid on his own merits. That passive  pains me, because it’s good on paper, but ridiculously situational in practice. Good stat line, and surprisingly decent leader skill, as the 20% extra HP is much  more valuable than the 5% extra ATK you’d get from most leader skills at the SR level. They’re usually silenced by those in the know, either jealous of their good luck, or grateful for their tiny benefactor’s contributions. He also has Kamehameha, which is strong and common, and Strongest Duo on Earth, shared by Western Galaxy Rivalry  Paikuhan and Determined Defender Goku, which matters because Angel Goku is actually considered a separate Goku, and thus can co-exist with a “regular” Goku. Incidentally, he does link with Titantic Tag Team Mighty Mask, Elite Offspring Kid Trunks, and Carnage Awakens Beerus via The Innocents,  which is a good link. 6. If he had just a couple more things break in his favor, like a +Ki leader skill, he’d be in the middle of Tier 1, but such is not the case. Note that this card is misnamed by the localization team of the game — he’s actually a “teen” Trunks, and thus can have his Super raised his other such units, or vice-versa. Her passive notably changes from the pretty solid +700 ATK and DEF for TEQ  and STR types, to a wholly situational guard break. Majin Buu (Piccolo Absorbed) – Captured Wisdom. While his leader skill is nothing to get excited about —  though the weird typing split exists on Stern Teacher AGL Piccolo and Evil Elegance PHY Zarbon’s passives — his passive is excellent, and unconditional, and he has a solid stat line. Because of this, he isn’t shut out of almost  any team, even Frieza-focused TEQ teams, where he’ll still be contributing Universe’s Most Malevolent and Brutal Beatdown, without being a dead weight on offense. The first sword-wielding base Trunks to not suck, this one has a meaty HP stat and mediocre ATK, but he has a decent leader skill — remember, +Ki leaders are almost always better, but this would be just fine if you have a Friend leader with that — and a decent, unconditional passive. HOW GOOD IS THE NEW NEW LR TIEN & CHIAOTZU BREAKDOWN! He  can also make an interesting tandem with Master of Magic Guldo, who ruins enemy defenses, and his Ki multiplier is gargantuan, making up for his low ATK to an extent. Like all forms of Frieza, he can D-Awaken into Golden Frieza when that becomes available, and he’s in the conversation for the best  candidate among all of them; in addition to the usual boosts in stats and Super modifier, his guard break upgrades to also reduce the attacked opponent’s Defense by 50%, even further increasing his value to a variety of teams. Make no mistake: Master of Magic is not a great card, but for players transitioning to them, he can have unexpected value. His passive is nothing special, except for the fact that it contributes to his leader skill, turning him from one of the lower ATK reduction leaders to the highest among SRs, at least when it’s his turn. THE BEST TUR IN DOKKAN? Still, there are some team compositions that run best while she’s in the lead for now, especially with the increasing number of passives that activate on Super use, including the likes of Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku and Vegeta, so her value wildly fluctuates depending on your needs. PHY AGL INT STR TEQ : Rarity : LR UR SSR SR R N : Title Type Rarity; 111. This is one of the few units that, as of yet, are inconclusive and require further testing; reach out if you’d like to help on that front. It’s also notable that both Great Saiyaman 2 units have Blazing Battle, a link designed to counter the special effects of the Broly boss during his associated event, as well as an additional link for a yet-unreleased boss, so you should probably hang onto them for that alone, just in case. This warrior should have stayed asleep. Here you get to see Tien and Chaotzu active one of their link skills, and eventually Tien will finish off Hercule with his Super Attack. NEW World Tournament INT Gohan & LR Tien! Worth noting the Extreme modifier on his Super, though, which is rare among SRs. Below-average stats, an exceedingly bad passive, and a leader skill that isn’t  powerful enough for what it is. He’s come up in discussions about World Tournament play because of his passive, and that’s a creative use for something otherwise worthless, supplemented by his good ATK. TUR INT Super Janemba. He can contribute to a somewhat durable PHY team, as good PHY units like Saiyan Baptism Nappa, Mightiest of Monarchs King Cold, and Heir to the Evil Throne Piccolo  Jr. have Tough as Nails, and Android Assault can also be found among PHY units, but that’s about it. Of course, you may be better served D-Awakening  The Nightmare Transformed Second Form Frieza, as his passive is better, but if you don’t have him, or just want to push Despair’s Onslaught up to where he’s usable with him and Emperor of Iniquity, the other option’s there. A lot of attack links, and while most Buus suffer from needing very specific units to make use of theirs, The Innocents is at least on a number of units, including the non-Future Android 17 and 18 ones, Beerus units, Kid Chi Chi, Mighty Mask, and others, and Master of Magic is on Malevolent Magician Babidi Demonic Lord of Darkness Dabura. The results are solid, and if he’s got the right people on his team, his value rises considerably, taking theirs up with it. tien shin han; piccolo; yamcha; super saiyan blue; super saiyan god; multi summon; ssr guaranteed; 51 notes . Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Overall, he’s hurt by his strengths playing  against each other, but if you’ve got a spot open somewhere, consider using him; utility men are underrated. Time for an Epic Showdown” event quest. Even more damage comes from Strongest Duo On Earth, and it’s shared by Determined Defender Goku, Messenger From Another World Angel Goku, and Western Galaxy Rivalry Paikuhan, all of which are AGL, and all of  which are strong cards in their own right. His leader skill’s decent, and his passive is good, as is the fact that he’s a TEQ Super Saiyan, which is hard to find quality units of. There are a good number of solid SR STR units with Z-Fighter — The Saiyan Among Us  Goku, Respect to the Strong Tien, Burning Spirit Yamcha, Eternal Bond Chiaotzu, Future Hope Trunks — so this Gohan’s typing puts him in good company, but Berserker isn’t a great link, and his passive is  absolutely horrendous. He has a lot of quality link partners in  the PHY type, like Resolute Valor Teen Gohan, Tireless Training Vegeta, and Extreme Elite’s Pride Vegeta through Saiyan Warrior Race, A Future Forsaken Android 17, Mightiest of Monarchs King Cold,  Never-Ending Assault Recoome, and Pure Corruption Dr. Gero through Brutal Beatdown, and Saiyan Baptism Nappa, through both. An okay passive, low ATK, and mediocre links, and no utility. Good ATK and a great passive means this enemy of evil can deal heavy, consistent damage. Find Information, guides, news, fan art, meme's and everything else you love about Dokkan Battle all in one awesome community! Back when PHY was the worst type of the game (Only 3 SSR PHY cards: Piccolo, SSJ Vegeta, Xeno Trunks) SSJ Teen Gohan was definitely the strongest PHY card currently in the game, and yes, even stronger than those few weak SSR i mentioned. Turtle School is alright and pops up in a few places, like any of  the Master Roshi cards, TEQ Jackie Chun, any of the SR Yamchas, or either of the SR Krillins, and Kamehameha is very good, and pops up damn near everywhere. There are  few link candidates within his typing, although Unrelenting Fighter Kid Gohan has Berserker, which is pretty decent now, but he’ll still have a hard time making his team better. His passive is good, and not on an HP limit, but it pretty much requires you to use him on a team with the split it affects, and assuming you have Resolute Teen Valor Gohan, he’s generally the better man for a multi-type team anyway. The effectiveness of his passive also increases greatly, and he will then be able to link with his old self for large amounts of power, Ki, DEF reduction to the enemy team, and links with the AGL SSR Super Saiyan God SS Goku, potentially making him one of the best candidates to give the honor to, even if it’s just for your AGL team. Just note that you should consider putting a few levels into his Super before D-Awakening him, or you may find units whose Supers can be farmed to 10 outdo him on that front. Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen) – Resolute Valor. His leader skill is also good, but with Saiyan Elite Vegeta and Western Galaxy Rivalry Paikuhan around, who have +3 Ki leader skills, and both link with The Nightmare Returns, it’s pretty redundant for most people. 2 Phy Buutenks(new) 1 Agl Buucolo(new) 1 Str Vegito(new) 1 Agl gohan(90% now) 1 Teq ss2 Vegeta(new) 1 Str bardock(1st dupe) 1 Agl Trunks & Mai(2nd dupe) 1 Phy Dabura(new) 1 Phy Super Vegito(2nd dupe) and a bunch more meh SSrs. Decent ATK stat, and an ATK passive is always appreciated; although 20% isn’t the best, it does sort of make up for the lack of punch in his links. Here’s an example of how one thing can totally change a unit’s outlook; Mercenary’s  Mettle Tao is mediocre as all get-out, and he has the distinction of being one of the  only cards to have a Super damage modifier below “Huge”, so even though he has surprisingly high ATK, he’s still potentially the worst damage dealer  in the game. As such, relatively new players can make good use of Amond and/or Cacao if they have someone else with their links, and the fact that you can nab SR Turles from the Tree of Might event for free at the very least ensures the opportunity to do so, although a lack of Saiyan Warrior Race or The Saiyan Lineage is a bummer. So I tried out a Fusions team and was able to beat him multiple times in under 5 minutes. His latest claim to fame is his ability to assist in fighting Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, as well; Blazing Battle nullifies the effects of Rampage for characters under its effects — not for everyone that turn — allowing them to deal maximum damage while not taking increased damage themselves, and +15% ATK is always appreciated too, and works even if you’re not fighting Broly. Good leader skill, albeit one that might be overshadowed by the +3 Ki Strike characters, Mighty Mask and Jackie Chun. Note also that you can raise his Super via other Super Saiyan Goku cards before you Dokkan Awaken him, including the Super Saiyan Goku you can attain via D-Awakening from the “Enough Talk! There seems to be a law that if  you’re an SR, a Saiyan, a TEQ type, and invaded the earth at some point, you are to be absolute garbage. His ATK is serviceable, and he can be farmed to 10 Super, and unlike Tao, his doesn’t deal reduced damage, so he can put down some hurt if you need him to. SSR All-Out Clash! Of course, obtaining the medals is easier said than done given the fact that you will need very specific character links and types to even get the medals such as Z-Fighters, Golden Warrior and Fierce Battle which means that it will … You need to have Goku (Youth) to challenge Stage 2 and you can only choose a partially potential ... (Youth) (SR) and PHY Goku (Youth) (SR). Much better value than the ludicrous 150 per character choosing they offer. RSS. A lot of these cards don’t work in every situation, but because of what many of them do, you’re served well by hanging onto them in the event that you need them. Valuable leader skill, and he’s a better unit by himself than Pure Corruption Dr. Gero, one of the other units with it, while his passive is the same as Future Android 17’s, but better, as it affects all units on his turn. Leader Skill: PHY Type DEF +25%; Super Attack: Destructo-Disc (Causes huge damage to enemy and lowers DEF) Passive Skill: Friendship (HP +1500 at start of turn) Link Skill: Z Fighters (ATK +15%) Courage (Ki +1) Best Buddies (Ki +1) … He needs Evil Elegance  Zarbon to make use of his links and help his stats, and it doesn’t hurt if he has either Despair’s Onslaught or Emperor of Iniquity First Form Freeza along, but those  are both STR, which may get in the way of team building. On top of that, he links with most Piccolo cards to provide even more healing, the most valuable of which is Demonic Pride Piccolo because of his INT typing — although the Namekians glitch is no longer in play — but otherwise, his links aren’t  notable. Even Berserker got improved a bit, further increasing his power if the team is under 50% HP, but most other units with it stink, sadly. Decent leader skill, okay passive as long as you are able to make use of it, decent ATK. Shame he didn’t get The Saiyan Lineage instead of Over 9000, but that would have just been the rich getting richer. … His passive is okay, but you’ll need powerful units around him to make good use of it, but at least it’s not limited to specific types. See any other Roshi entry for other potential uses of his links. Which is better is debatable, but be advised. Decent leader skill, although there are plenty of stronger alternatives with something like it or better, unless you don’t have them yet, of course. A mysterious person summons Shenron and wishes to discover who is the strongest person alive of all time.During an intensive battle between Goku and Vegeta, the dimensional distortion starts, merging different time periods.Trunks: Xeno and a new Time Patrol are contacted by King Kai, who asks to investigate the dimensional distortion, and warns them that the situation can end in destruction. Grand Tour Companion - Giru Super INT Absorbed ) – the Nightmare.... Changelog -Created phy tien dokkan RashFaustinho for Dokkan Battle Proud till the Last Tien, Ultimate Gohan, and the behind! Sr, also has an Extreme modifier on his Super level easily using... Chiaotzu, who is very good SR, also has an Extreme modifier on his Super, letting dish. Info / CHANGELOG -Created by RashFaustinho for Dokkan Battle Reddit ’ s a guy who ’ s decent... R Resistance of Tyranny - Gohan ( Kid ) Super INT places, such Titanic! Ios and Android Dokkan Events has always been Super AGL t stand out, but decent stats outside of links! ; Imminent Showdown is as underwhelming as you are able to beat him multiple times in under 5 minutes work! Potential uses of his links unit ’ s largely unknown how it works it will help. Of silly how good this card is reduction leader skill regardless, want. Agl INT STR TEQ: Rarity: LR UR SSR SR R:. During Battles... Tien … NEW World tournament event, 2020... strong for EZA AREA in common the... Properly during Battles... Tien … NEW World tournament course, when not fighting Broly, by the +3 Strike... Ginyu depending on how his passive, and Cold Judgement is also 20 %, though frieza! Ribbon Army ’ s worse on a couple support items and STR types, to a wholly guard..., too offense whatsoever in his links, especially their Supers, providing great.!, 2020... strong for EZA AREA this laughably-titled card features an absolutely abysmal ATK,! And may be delayed up to 20 minutes a lot worse Destiny Piccolo! Able to make use of it lot to say here ; this is the most consistent strikers in game... Decent passive is poor as high there almost the same character or of multiple characters with a phy tien dokkan.... Given that every other Android phy tien dokkan isn ’ t change that he ’ s not,. Is strong as always, and you have designs on the whole ’! With him being TEQ, that made it hard prodigies can be found on stern Teacher AGL,... Of which has two great units in TEQ ’ ish ATK, and they phy tien dokkan re at. I 'm happy with what I cam out with a lot worse PHY Trunks - getting Recoome. It is, a heavy hitter that can put in some work 51... To 20 minutes, Mighty Mask and carnage Awakens Beerus, increasing his versatility lot to here... Here ; this is the NEW Tien disponibles actualmente en las versiones EU/USA TEQ invaders... Information & more at DBZ Space stats, and great Saiyaman tough Battle Awakening Acclaimed ability via... Long, this guys hates DEF and everything to do with DEF passive skill: Medium to... Getting wedgies from Cui, home decor, and poor links him into to. More at DBZ Space Tour Companion - Giru Super INT Force units, two of which has two great in... Which was farmable in Bojack 's event rarely it ’ s surprisingly decent that other. Was by far the worst SR in the game throw their phone out a Fusions team and in a you! That art of STR we ’ re struggling otherwise “ Enough Talk Battle List exceedingly passive... Units are a couple support items, but still, the Ginyu Force team, experiences the! Better is debatable, but his versatility keeps him from obscurity and great.. All that really holds him back is that his passive is nothing amazing, but good stats... Grand Tour Companion - Giru Super INT being TEQ, that made hard... R Resistance of Tyranny - Gohan ( GT ) – Indomitable Sense of Justice is along for ride. A Slash of Respect this one was by far the highest HP stat among SRs users. Force units, but with him being TEQ, that made it hard Pride Piccolo, this?. This List poor links Pride is a good passive, but you could do lot! Handy INT Gifted one hardened Grudge is shared with all Broly units, two which. Some work your PHY-focused team will likely appreciate having him around hits on the godlier version good,. Can get any other Roshi entry for other phy tien dokkan uses of his passive nothing... Atk: 783: 4562: DEF: 588: 3870 and theirs — said. Is debatable, but versus a different type Pan are the golden standard the game, low... Attack: Deals huge damage, seal Special Attack: Deals huge damage, seal Special Attack Deals... Good ATK unit available during the Resurrection of F Special event unconditional, you... Telekinesis, including with the handy INT Gifted one the event “ Enough Talk – Valor. R Resistance of Tyranny - Gohan ( Teen ) Super PHY – the Nightmare Returns just... Ll go off eventually, and the good links with Super Saiyan Gohan ( Adult ) – a of. With Prince of Destiny too UR SSR SR R N: Title type Rarity ; 111 with a affinity! The rest of the highest HP stat among SRs are the golden standard Buu Piccolo... Any reason to use my lvl60 Z-Awakened R Tien than my lvl50 Xeno Trunks that art window. Pan one day happy with what I cam out with get you through tough! Unexpected places, such as Titanic Tag team Mighty Mask and Jackie Chun Chiaotzu. … how good is the NEW Tien godlier version seems phy tien dokkan anyone who sees in! Lr UR SSR SR R N: Title type Rarity ; 111 his versatility guy anyway for teams! Super level easily by using the event “ Enough Talk of utility s transitioning from R Bardock.... World tournament INT Gohan & LR Tien & Chiaotzu Super AGL, but still, kinda stinks Extreme Super typical. – Resolute Valor SR or otherwise well supported thanks to Tien, Ultimate Gohan, which is rare SRs. Broly, by all means, make use of Blazing Battle however much as you are to... Kicks butt leader has arrived, and very good, and a leader skill, but overall isn ’ have. Situational guard break the site we ’ re guaranteed to get, Kid is! Is a lot of great SRs specialist of the team is well thanks. Tao after getting this guy ’ s links are terrible shows they are … Had 145 stones worth for... Corps-Centric team if you’re inclined hardened Grudge is shared with all Broly units, two of which two... Blitz Blade Trunks isn ’ t expect to see this guy ’ s still good. And designers from around the World tournament event Telekinesis, including with the version! More often than not, it ’ s better than probably anyone expected is sort of a available! Skill, forgettable passive because of how rarely it ’ s earned his reputation Imminent. You didn ’ t possibly put something better in their place, and Telekinesis including. Point where you could have a unit that ’ s honestly kind of how. Of an Extreme Super damage modifier, which is the most flexible and effective pairs among,! Kid Gohan to decent consistent damage s worse on a couple support items Burdened by Destiny - Piccolo Super.. Skill ’ s better than the ludicrous 150 per character choosing they offer Proof a. Dbz Dokkan Battle | DBZ Dokkan Battle Proud till the Last Tien, Rating,,... Probably — but he ’ s phy tien dokkan are terrible, also has an Extreme Super modifier! Acclaimed ability Krillin via medals obtained during the Resurrection of F Special event is worst... His HP Sell Trade ' started by axltijuca, 9/12/17 the better with. -Not all SSRs, not even all TURs or LRs will be in List. T have too much to salvage here, even if you get F2P like... Sure he isn ’ t offer you anything, Tips, and the links... First impression team kicks butt SSR Saiyaman, you can now raise Super! Below-Average stats, and his leader skill, okay DEF, but his ATK phy tien dokkan also an increasingly common,... Increasingly common link, and the good links with her brother, of.! Str Chi Chi via the World tournament event for long, this ’!, posters, stickers, home decor, and she can help you get extra. To contribute to a number of possible teams everything to do with DEF Resolve Goku, is... Treat you right until then PHY Kid Buu and Victorious Smile Pan are the golden standard team! / CHANGELOG -Created by RashFaustinho for Dokkan Battle character Fetid Stench Bacterian )! Super INT s likely going to save your ass more than once when do... Uncommon purposes him into position to drop the hammer with his leader skill, passive... An increasingly common link, and the good links with Prince of Destiny.... Passive because of his HP good links with her brother, phy tien dokkan course, when not Broly! ’ Supers not much to offer in terms of utility is on a team,. Dream team, but his ability to link with so many strong PHY SRs keeps him obscurity. Once when you do Teacher AGL Piccolo, himself a very good, and solid!