My Learning Style This essay talks about why I want a college degree, my learning style, and what I think about my learning styles.I want a college degree to help with my Army career and to help with a career after the military. It was a one-size-fits-all approach, intended to instill good behavior as much as to instruct in the rudiments of reading, writing and arithmetic. There are many different styles of learning and not one of them is better than the other. 78-82), I discovered that I should trust my instinct now more than ever. An essay or paper on My Personal Learning Style. I have an individual learning design! My Personal Learning Assessment Virginia Tucker AET: 525 February 26th, 2012 Deborah Hatfield My Personal Learning Assessment Many factors can affect a student’s ability to perform successfully in the classroom. My Personal Learning Style essay example. How I Learn: Examining My Personal Learning Style Essay example 755 Words | 4 Pages. This concludes the analysis of my personal learning style, my strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities for improvement, and my plan to improve my own learning ability. PERSONAL REFLECTION: Personal reflections constitute a large part of my development learning process that take place spontaneously. I aim to set forth the aspects of teaching and learning that I find help me become a better health care professional. As has been seen, by understanding my own style, I have been able to decide on an effective course of action to make myself an efficient learner. One of these factors is his or her personal learning style. My learning experience throughout grade school was cast in the Traditional method, employing rote, reward-and-punishment, and repetition, repetition, repetition. Knowing ones learning style could dramatically benefit the incorporation of an individual's knowledge base while studying. I perceive essay writing as a daunting task, this is the experience of most if not all students in my year. If I had given any thought to my learning style prior to this course, I would have said simply, "Some things are easy for me to learn, and some things are not". Our Training Style Wow! Personal Learning Style Paper By, Personal Learning Styles Identifying one's own learning style and time management is valuable; not only for educational success, but to improve personal assets as well. It’s all personal preference. After completing the Discovery Wheel and the Learning Style Inventory assignments which are presented by the text book Becoming a Master Student (Ellis, 2006, pp. It is the way a person prefers to learn or be taught. I have a personal learning style! I have discovered that my personal learning style is a continual work in progress. This essay witnesses my personal learning and teaching style and strategy. If I had provided any considered to my learning style just before this program, i'd have stated just, “Some things are possible for me personally to learn, and some things aren't.” In "Discovering Your Personal Learning Profile," I have discovered my personal learning 817 words My Personal Learning Style Wow! To date, I have over 31 years of life experiences, each and every one coming in at different directions and contributing to my personal style of learning. Aside from that, it has given me the reassurance of returning to … There are many elements that influence the learning process of an individual. Exploring different learning styles has allowed me to determine my strengths and weaknesses and learn from them. Three of the major learning theories are discussed in order to find the skill sets that each bring to the table. As you progress in life, so does your learning style. My learning styles are Rational, Concrete and Pragmatic, which match my personality traits, to say the least. What is a learning style?