Some have suffered headaches, intestinal distress, etc while others just can't stand the taste. How long does coffee after that date. But for over a year the coffee tastes bitter / I have cut back on what I use for my Pot for it doesn't seem to help. I brewed it and it taste harsh. But not some marketing moron probably with an MBA has convinced the company to switch big time to Arabic beans. Went back to Maxwell house and the headache went away. Those of u with bad smelling and tasting coffees by MH should send them to USDA for analysys, maybe they're adulterating it somehow. So disappointed. When I came home, during recovery I bought another large container of Master Blend. It tasted fine but a few hours later I wasn’t feeling well. The can I just opened is definitely not 100% of any type of coffee beans. Today I realized for sure it was the coffee. I woke up this morning and felt fine, had a couple cups and the stomach pains started and I thought...wait a minute...this is only happening when I drink this damn coffee! 1-16 of 91 results for "maxwell house decaffeinated coffee" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Hmmmm..... My husband and I have always drank Maxwell House. (NOTE) I have NEVER suffered with headaches...less than a handful in a lifetime so far for me...the big joke in our family is that if mom ever starts having headaches then something will be on with the coffee problems... Had several K-cups of MH and it was quite good. Not for nothing else I grew up on Maxwell House and Yuban. And it is all the same for Dunkin doughnuts and starbucks "coffee" and all the other brands that only list 100% arabica grains as the only ingredients contained in their bags or cans. There is something very wrong with MH coffee. I just got a big can of Maxwell original roast since it was on sale. . One of the fillers might be corn grain, also other grains and Chicory. Not sure what has changed but something sure has!! Robusta is much cheaper, harsh and can be bitter. the point not addressed in the original question was tge wood chips: Maxwell House coffee was my coffee of choice until recently. There was a five foot long empty area where all the other varieties of Maxwell House used to be. almost flue like symptoms i would get cold sweats and all. I bought a canister of the Colmbian Roast and found that the rich deep and bold flavor I have been accustomed to was gone. I haven't seen that label in Florida, I drink both brands and I have never had any problem. That first cup was my last. Turned out to be the coffee. It doesn't even taste like coffee--it has a sour taste that's just nasty. I have used Maxwell House for years but just within the last year my nose has been peeling and headaches and upset tummy and frequent dirrhea. it s not bitter like dollar store mexican coffee. Grind what I'll be drinking just prior to brewing. Has happened twice, No more money of mine being spent on Maxwell House coffee. I wondered why the price went way down, now I know! Went to the doctor's, everything checked out OK, thought I drank too much coffee/ caffeine. MAXWELL HOUSE. Always put a little Nestles chocolate in to pep it up. I realized it was the Maxwell House so we switched brands. I didn't think it was the coffee but I decided to skip it for one day and sure enough I felt completely fine when I didn't drink it. for two years we've been going crazy with this. I have always received a good product.However, the coffee I have been buying has been tasting like colored water. Finally, it hit me: it's the damn coffee! I would rather base my comments on facts and not theory like everything else in the world most media filled minds are corrupted by false rumors and imagery. Instead of a good coffee smell in the house, it filled my house with the unclean smell of vomit. Stopped drinking the MH and believe it or not, the symptoms stop. Just found this site yesterday, confirmed my suspicions. wish they would go back to the old handle. Perhaps Maxwell House is now making its coffee in China. It had a chemical smell and and taste.......Disgusting! I have heard that even Starbucks has started using cheaper coffee beans. A couple weeks ago I bought it again thinking maybe I was imagining things. Other than the nasty taste of course. A few years ago I tried Maxwell House coffe. They are checking me for an ulcers and gallstones but the doctor asked me if I had made any changes in my diet lately and I mentioned the change in coffee. FDA should be alerted. We’ve been drinking this for years - ! If this is the case, that would explain it, it's a high fodmap.. in the fructan class. I was just about to try Maxwell House! Same terrible flavor. why is their instant coffee missing on store shelves??? It is almost instant. No more. What has changed, does anyone know? Anyone else having this issue? The headache. Maxwell Coffee DOES NOT taste like has a horrible so sickening. On a whim, I thought I would google 'Maxwell House fishy smell' and was surprised when I found this forum. It was first sold in Germany and many other European countries in 1905–1906 under the name Kaffee HAG (short for Kaffee Handels-Aktien-Gesellschaft, or Coffee Trading Public Company). The last can i bought before the maxwell house was folgers and was glad to finish it and try a different brand because it wasn't great either. I've been so sick, like major stomach issues. I threw it out again and checked my cabinet and cleaned it out and found nothing so I put the next can in an air tight container and found another bug floating today. I looked on line to see if there was a recall on the coffee for some reason and found this site (Thank God) and have discovered other people have had the same problems. This original roast coffee is exceptionally smooth and is the perfect way to treat yourself any time of day. When I sipped my coffee it had a terrible unfamiliar taste. It escalated within the hour into a full blown fever, with intense sweating, a crushing migraine headache, and massive vomiting. I am completely disapointed in our American companies that we cannot even call American anymore,,,come on coffee from Vietnam, they are probably pissing on it before packing it, that is what it tastes like! I thought it was me....but after readign this thread, it's MH....the increased price (here in Fla) for the Columbin was one thing, now the decrease in quality....time to change after 20 years... After many years of enjoying MH 100% Arabica coffee, it disppeared.. Bought some of the other MH coffee to be sorely disappointed. He has been drinking MH for years and he said the last two we bought are just bad. I am definitely stopping drinking this brand of coffee and throwing the last two packets of this type of coffee away. Been away for. Bitter,acidy...I cannot drink it. If it's best buy date is not more than a year from the current date it's been sitting a long time and will not be worth drinking. It lands flat. Someone has to warn people with celiac because Maxwell house labeling is incorrect. I purchased the coffee a little over a week ago and this was my first cup. I used to drink Maxwell House all the time but switched to Kcups and drinking Dunkin Donuts. real coffee ( mocha java) non flavored taste like coffee. On the weekends I brew Maxwell Master Blend. I ALWAYS LOVED MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE NOT NOW IT SO BAD THAT I WILL NOT BE BUYING IT ANYMORE. Safeway has been putting Maxwell House 925g cans on sale. Something is definitely wrong with Maxwell house! Now apparently you've found another market and decided to tune your product to them. Layoffs will start on June 12, according to a letter the company sent to the Texas Workforce Commission. Then I assumed that something happened to the coffeemaker. My opinion: I think those companies started 'diluting' their grounds suttley over time so consumers wouldn't be able to taste the difference---over 3-5 yrs & one can become used to what something taste like. We recently opened a can of MH Original Roast while on vacation and am so disappointed in the flavour of this coffee. For a little over three years now MH has hit the bottom of the barrel, In my opinion. We have lots of great small batch artisan coffee roasters here in the states. I've been a loyal folgers fan for years. For years I've drank 100% Columbian coffee mostly Folgers. Thanks Ted, I thought I was the only one. Ran out of Folgers and someone brought in a bottle of Maxwell House . Almost chemical. So i bought the dark roast and still taste terrible and weak. I am being kind here. Lets put it this way, there is mega bucks invested in all type of beans from around the globe and the leftovers are sold however they can be sold and masked with other leftover beans that do not look appealing. So we went to another store, bought a brand new can but still didn't taste right. Second, that feeling like a Daycare of hyper Kids are jumping around in my Stomach until I feel Nausea and my insides are gurgling like someone down there is pissed at me. 4.1 out of 5 stars with 96 reviews. I couldn't eat chips,butter,apples,bread,chocolate and was starting to get sick. Sad what ever you are doing. Been to numerous doctors - had MRI's and MRA's - two epidurals and more - nothing helped. So I'm not sure if it's my body composition or the coffee. Free shipping. They were greasy which they never are. It tasted great. This is also the time when I switched to drinking Folgers instant coffee. I guess the customers didn't mean much to them. Glad I'd saved an older lid. That being said, Maxwell House, Folgers, Chock Full o' Nuts etc aren't very good coffee. After reading these posts I am returning the three unopened cans I currently have and will switch to a Martinson brand I have in the pantry. I'm not a Starbucks fan but their PIke isn't bad, the House Blend is ok. Just stay away from all Maxwell House, Flogers & generic store brand coffee. Reading this I am going to try a different coffee and see if they go away. It was so bitter and made me physically sick to my stomach. What has happened to this absolutely delicious coffee? Robusta beans are pure garbage. I believe Folgers is poison in my body. It tastes bland enough to not be anything like real coffee. Product Title (2 Pack) Maxwell House International French Vanilla Cafe Instant Coffee, 8.4 oz Canister Average Rating: ( 4.6 ) out of 5 stars 312 ratings , based on 312 reviews Current Price $6.58 $ 6 . I listed Maxwell House AND Folgers as bad coffees but also mentioned the same could apply to generic store brands as well. There are so many other symptoms of past, I am now putting together with this whole coffee thing back when I was brewing the Starbuck's, Peet's etc. After investigation I found that Maxwell House among other coffee brands have switched all their coffee beans. I have cleaned up more coffee grounds than I wish to. I am a senior citizen. and same price as old 2 lb container also made to look like 2 lb container with the back cut away and formed into a handle so it still looks like a large container from the front view. And every cup ive had, I get the WORST stomach pains I've ever had. No, sorry, you can't! Decided to buy a can and MH was on sale so figured I would give them another try. What is going on. I guess I will use a different brand fron here on out. The very first time I drank Maxwell 7 years ago I was fine.