The soil doesn’t hold the dirt back, so it’s a constant battle to keep those dry during wet season.”. In 1979 the State determined the land was no longer needed for State purposes and initiated the process of selling it as surplus property. A tool shed and pump house were built and infrastructure was expanded in the developed areas. here. They sponsored re-vegetation and education programs and developed the Martha Walker Native Habitat Garden. The park’s location provides critical linkage to the developing network of regional trail systems that run throughout the Bay area. A long-term solution for this problem has yet to be found. It was during this period that the park began to be known as an outstanding venue for large events. Ends at Kennedy Park near the Napa River. During these 26 years, a passionately committed group of outdoor-loving volunteers has turned 850 acres of open space into an oasis of nature, healthy activity and The 709 acres that comprise Suscol Headwaters Park were acquired by the Napa Open Space District between 2015 and 2017. With some initial bond funds from the County, local volunteers, under the leadership of the SPCA, spent the next three years transforming the Skyline property into the public park they had promised a somewhat skeptical State of California that they would make. Just take a look in their trail system section . The tent camping area has space available for up to 20 tents. 121 reviews of Skyline Wilderness Park "Incredible park located right off Napa Valley Highway before entering downtown Napa. The park’s 850 acres of wilderness area is managed by a nonprofit, and the frills come courtesy of nature’s seasonal gifts; in springtime that means wildflowers! The SPCA, and a host of volunteer community members too numerous to list, spent the next 15 years developing Skyline into a self-sufficient public park. If you can get to this trail in the springtime, the scenery is vibrant with lush green grass and wildflowers throughout. The range is charted with 3 separate NFAA marked yardage ranges, each range having14 permanent targets as well as an area for 14 unmarked distance targets utilizing McKenzie 3-D’s. Disc golf has been around since the 1970s, when some might have confused it with disco. Numerous ups and downs and technical areas. Continue on the main trail to peak, 24% grade, then down, 20% grade. There are 15 miles of trail to ride, through wooded forest, valleys and hilltops. google_ad_width = 160; Bikers Bypass – 0.14 horizontal distance. The signature Napa trail run, Skyline Wilderness Park includes miles of varied trails. Also a FRISBEE golf course, horse back riding and much more. The Buckeye Trail might be my newest new favorite. You'll find lots of wildlife, including deer and wild turkey. The club host a number of tournaments each year for target archers and hunters, Individual, family, large group picnic facilities (One large group area, three wilderness areas), Striped, paved day use parking (58 spaces) and additional informal parking at the social hall. Concurrently, SPCA opened a tent campground, and two new trails, including the Rim Rock trail to the summit of Sugarloaf Peak. Large gathering space (2,275 square feet): Located south of the park entrance, the social hall includes a conference room, event kitchen and serving station counter. Begins from lower junction with Lake Marie Road, the River to Ridge Trail, and Buckeye Trail (239’ elevation). The park leadership also pressed for acquisition of the adjacent Vallejo Lakes property, an effort that continues today. Shasta. Ends at Marie Creek Trail southwest of Lake Marie. Disc golf was one of many events there, probably the most popular one, with Ultimate (disc football) being a fair second.”. Because it’s not a state park, this beautiful property remains relatively unknown, and sits just on the edge of the city of Napa. The 850 acres which make up Skyline Park lie in unincorporated Napa County just outside the southeast edge of the City of Napa. They created a foundation to support their work in the park. Skyline Wilderness Park and Napa Solano Ridge Trail: This out-and-back trail is for hardy hikers and careful equestrians and mountain bikers. While the trails are very well-marked, I would suggest grabbing a trail map at the office if you plan on taking off on the lesser used trails. Tent and horse camping, equestrian facilities, a community building, parking, restrooms, and showers are located here, as is the recreational vehicle campground which provides a significant percentage of the park’s operating revenue. Then to trail end at the junction of Skyline Trail (857’ elevation), 45% grade. There are nearly a dozen trails within the park so getting turned around or not ending up back where you started can definitely occur. Several rises and drops, 15% to 19% grade. On a couple of holes, you could be within 30 feet and not have an easy putt because there’s a big bushy tree in the way. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-1942863346640785"; In the heat of the summer, enjoy the shady Marie Creek Trail up to Lake Marie, or for a longer trek, take the Skyline Trail past the lake, and connect to the Bay Area Ridge Trail. I would recommend it for a nice leisurely ride in the spring. Restrooms and informal parking are adjacent. “It’s a relatively small space, but it’s got a lot of hills. Skyline Park is an 850-acre wilderness area at the southeast corner of Napa. Several holes are only 250 feet or so, but when you’re going uphill, it’s like you’re playing an extra 100 feet. Skyline Wilderness Park Welcome to the Skyline Wilderness Park nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Napa Valley. The ride from the parking lot starts in a city park and follows a bike path for a few hundred yards before the trail starts. Skyline Wilderness Park Mountain Bike, E-Bike, Hike, Trail Running, Horse trails near Napa, California. //-->. Drop down (162’ elevation) and then climb to Bikers Bypass, 14% grade (465’ elevation). This is a fire road that begins by the Kiosk through the nine-hole disc golf course and then to the main trail head (138’ elevation). Trailhead location: 2201 Imola Ave. in Napa; trail begins inside the Skyline Wilderness RV park at the end of Imola Avenue. The riparian vegetation includes white alder, California bay, willow and big leaf Maple. 4:40. Feral pigs loved the park as much as the local community and became the nuisance that they continue to be today. Stop at various wineries in Napa and Sonoma and ride safely in an … Fairly wide track, rocky with fun techie lines. Skyline has over 25 miles of trails for hiking, biking and equestrian use. Thanks to the forward thinking of a group of local citizens, it was not sold but instead was leased by the State to the County of Napa in 1980. He was playing on it Monday, despite a weekend of rain that left most of Skyline Park too soggy for hiking. They actually are targets for flying discs, known commercially as Frisbees. If you do use the park please pay the user fee. An archery club joined the mix, carving out an exciting range for their members and the public. The Skyline Trails complex features several trails that offer great mountain biking, including Marie Creek Trail, Skyline Trail, Manzanita Trail and Chaparral Trail. The lease agreement included informally drawn boundaries on site maps, with a stipulation that a more formal legal description of the property would be made at a future date. If … Skyline Park is a trial that is great for all kinds of rides. Some greens are tough to get to, and we have two to four different pin positions to make them shorter or longer holes. City of Napa Parks and Recreational Department. Skyline Park is the only public outdoor space in the County that is large enough to host recreational activities and community events that require great expanses of outdoor space. Here, you’re lucky if you can use the same putting stance twice. Hospitality area: There is a small gathering facility at the southwest corner of the range. This section of the Skyline Trail at Skyline Wilderness Park in Napa, California is an easy to moderate 1.2-mile one-way trail that connects the northern trailhead to the Buckeye Trail and features beautiful views of Napa Valley and the Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area. The lands are spectacular. 25 acre range: The fenced range consists of open, rolling terrain to the east of the main entrance with 42 targets, operated by Silverado Archers Inc.(NFAA). The trail rolls over a liitle hill and you are back at the park entrance. The popularity of the trails began to present a problem for the limited, mostly volunteer, trail maintenance resources of the SPCA. Even the flattest greens are slightly sloped, so precarious stances are commonplace. Length 9.1 miElevation gain 2273 ftRoute type Loop Begins from Marie Creek Trail near end of Manzanita and the Fig Tree. agreement was scrapped. Popular with equestrians, be on the look out and keep it friendly. Watch for the interesting stone fences and avoid the barbed wire.