Appears in Future Gohan jokingly calls him a "human crystal ball". I can feel them all crying down there Trunks, that's why I have to go! Although he once shared the same dream as his mainstream counterpart of becoming a scholar, due to the apocalyptic event that took place, Future Gohan presumably never went to school to fulfill that dream. [8] It is stated that the death of Gohan's friends, like Future Piccolo and Future Krillin, sparked his transformation into a Super Saiyan, in these events, he never met Videl or had a little brother (as Present Gohan did), nor went to school to fulfill his dream to become a scholar, making him completely a warrior, thanks to Future Trunks' Time Machine, Gohan's character and life is split into two different timeline incarnations (with the aforementioned Gohan who lived in a peaceful world and the Gohan featured here in an apocalyptic timeline). Race May, Age 757[1][2] As part of the Masters Pack DLC in Xenoverse 2, Future Gohan appears in Conton City standing near the pond north of the Recreation Plaza and will offer to train the Future Warrior. You can't destroy what I really am! Humorously, his present counterpart is shown swallowing food the same way during in the, In Japanese, Future Gohan refers to himself with the pronoun. See ya later kid..." Super Saiyan Future Gohan going to face the androids. Likewise, if players find themselves in danger, Gohan gains the ability to reduce damage by 58% when player HP drops below 59%. Gohan then leaves to confront his fate while Trunks and the Future Warrior return to Age 852. Future Trunks, Future Gohan (未み来らいの孫そん悟ご飯はん, Mirai no Gohan) is the alternate timeline counterpart of Gohan that appears in the timeline in which Future Trunks lives.[5]. Chronoa later explains that the defective Time Eggs Towa created caused changes in history that strongly reflect the thoughts of the other people there, which created a timeline where Xeno Trunks chose to save his mentor's life, instead of allowing him to die as he did in the restored original timeline. 2167. His hairstyle is wide and messy, having the lower part lilac colored, while the top of his head is black. Trunks is reminded of his sorrow over the loss of his master when he witnesses his first Super Saiyan transformation via the scroll. Future Super Saiyan transformation recovers ki much faster than any of the other type of Super Saiyan, which is presumably a result of users training their Super Saiyan form to recover ki more faster in order to better combat Androids with limitless energy. Chronoa fails to convince Trunks to reconsider and asks the Future Warrior to get him to reconsider. Ultimate Future Gohan in Shin Budokai - Another Road, Future Gohanks artwork for Dragon Ball Fusions. LR AGL Gohan, Gobros, TEQ Trunks, INT Gotenks, INT Future Gohan, TEQ Ultimate Gohan himself... and the list goes on, there's so many top tier units on the teamyou could run them units on a lot of other teams, SSJ for example and this is right after the celebration so … Characteristics Ah Dad, I always thought you were invincible, at least to a virus. Chronoa shows this change to the Future Warrior and asks their opinion on how they think she should handle it. 8. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I'll make you proud." INT SSJ Future Gohan DOKKAN VS ANIME Comparison DBZ MONKEY. Gohan is surprised to see the grown up Super Saiyan Trunks, but decides to focus on the battle at hand. It's a easy skip for me. Despite his handicap, Gohan puts up a long, suspenseful fight against the combined power of the androids. Been saving up for Future Gohan since the 5th anni now, I wanna run these 2 together so badly . Awakened UR Confronting Fate - Gohan (Future) Super INT. Future Bulma and Future Gohan arrive too late and Gohan screams in anguish when he notices the Dragon Balls drop to the ground as stones instead of scattering across the Earth signaling the death of Future Piccolo and Future Kami. He also dons a uniform greatly resembling that of Goku's early uniform, and states that he is inspired to wear it in the hopes that he will one day be as strong as he was. Due to this demeanor, he speaks with a rough, aggressive vocabulary in the Japanese version, unlike his counterpart, who still speaks in a polite, light-toned manner towards his adulthood. His haircut even vaguely resembled the one Yamcha was seen with in his appearance during the Majin Buu arc. Future Gohan also is incredibly close to Future Trunks, and appears to even consider him as his little brother. Gohan manages to protect Trunks and stay hidden, but at the cost of his left arm, which is completely blown off in the bombing. I never got the INT Future Gohan, and I tried. save. This energy is joined by energy from his main timeline counterpart and Present Piccolo, as well as energy from GT Trunks, GT Goku, and Pan of the GT Timeline, and Trunks: Xeno providing his energy from the Time Nest in Age 852. 19. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Gohan convinces Trunks to let him leave and says the Future Warrior is a good friend. Directory: Characters → Earthlings → Earthlings with Saiyan blood → Dragon Team → Alternate Timeline, "You know you can't win! Mirai no Son Gohan Dabura plans to use his artificially created nephew Fu (who is genetically the son of Towa and Mira) to take revenge on the Time Patrol for their role in his sisters death, forcing the Future Warrior and their partner Future Gohan (though only if he is their current instructor) to work together protect history from the vengeful Demon King and his enigmatic nephew. He's gonna be a monster. In the 3rd phase Gohan will take reduced damage from Non-Android cards, and in the final phase he will take reduced damage from all cards, other than the listed units. Super Saiyan 2 Future Gohan in Shin Budokai - Another Road. In the second mission and final mission of the Unknown History Saga, due to an change in history caused by Towa's Distorted Time Eggs, Future Trunks ends up showing up to help Future Gohan fight the Androids, letting his emotions take him over and not caring about the circumstances of changing the course of history. Can we get an F for INT Future Gohan? Like what was seen in the TV Special, Future Gohan appears in Dragon Ball Super during Future Trunks' flashback. Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks Understood, his transformation will rip off his arm. Over the course of the following thirteen years, Gohan trains himself to be able to take down the androids, and over time, develops a close relationship to Trunks, the son of Vegeta and Bulma. He realizes that there should not be anyone as powerful as the Future Warrior living on Earth, as he would have already noticed them by that point, causing him to wonder where they came from. Before the downed warrior can rise again, the androids prepare to assault him, but Trunks steps in and cuts off a few locks of Android 18's hair. In the special, Trunks also states that being a half-Saiyan hybrid like himself, Gohan must understand how he feels about not being able to stop the androids, and while he does, Gohan still states that Trunks is currently an emotional wreck like he was when he was not allowed to train and fight with his friends. The only differences between his uniform and Goku's is that the sleeves are longer on his, his boots are a dark blue with yellowish stripes on the bottom edges and without the line running in the middle of the boots from top to bottom, and he also wears his own kanji symbol on the back, Han, 飯. In all phases, Android #18 (Future), Android #17 (Future) and Androids #17 & #18 do increased damage to Gohan (Future). The Future Warrior finds Future Trunks looking at his timeline's Scroll of Eternity which shows Future Gohan's fight against Future 17 & 18 that leads to his death in Age 780. In it, Gohan is with Trunks sitting down when the androids attack a city nearby, Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan and asks Trunks to stay, but he refuses and wants to go with his master, Gohan agrees and when both prepares to go, Gohan knocks Trunks out and goes by himself to face the androids. Awakened UR Heroic Warrior - Gohan (Future) Super INT. Chronoa will thank them for their opinion but regardless of the Warrior's choice, Chronoa says she ultimately has the final say on the matter. Not one death will go unaccounted for, not one!" However, before Android 18 can deliver a powerful energy blast to the young warrior, Gohan rushes in and takes the attack for him, saving Trunks' life. For global Definitely, there is no reason for him not too, Got trunks at free dupe and while unimpressive at free dupe, at rainbiw he is very good. It should also be noted that Future Gohan does not speak those words when Xeno Trunks is observing Future Gohan's final moments in the unaltered history of Age 780 shown before the history change. Unfortunately the Pilaf Gang had managed to complete the summoning and Future Pilaf bungles his wish resulting in himself, Future Mai, and Future Shu get turned into babies. SSR Wings of Wonder - Gohan (Kid) INT. wish i could see more future gohans instead of all these useless 55% blue bois, sure they’re good but there’s so many with dupes and without that the 55% ones are just annoying to see. The point of timeline divergence with Future Gohan and his main timeline counterpart occurred when Frieza arrived on Earth in August 4th. In Xenoverse 2, it appears as an Awoken Skill transformation under the name Future Super Saiyan which can be utilized by Future Gohan, Future Trunks, Trunks: Xeno, and the Saiyan Future Warrior (after completing Future Gohan's story in the Unknown History Saga). Looks good for those who might wanna summon for him. The two eventually manage to defeat Future 16, however they are soon confronted by the evil demonic Android, Mira. Future Gohan's first true appearance in the special is his arrival at a city the androids had just recently attacked, thirteen years after the Z Fighters had been killed. The only part that sounded kinda weird was the starting rift of the song, (but I understand how hard that must've been to translate that to 8-bit). Later while talking with the Future Warrior, Old Kai, and Chronoa, a history change occurs within the Scroll of Age 780 and as it is dangerous for Trunks to go into his own history, the Future Warrior is tasked with fixing it alone. In the Extra Edition 1 chapter, a flashback shows Future Gohan as a kid and it is revealed that the young Future Gohan survived the battle with the Androids as he had left to find the Dragon Balls and save the planet before Future Piccolo dies. As the last remaining Z Fighter, and by extension, family member generation (because he never met Videl, or started a relationship with her) he continuously takes it upon himself to challenge the androids, even though he is outnumbered and outclassed. SR The Future Bearer - Gohan (Future) PHY. Once Gohan realizes that he has the power to defeat them, he remembers all his friends that had died and focuses on using his newfound power to finally destroy the Androids, in order to save both his future world and Xeno Trunks. Future Gohan is showcased as a twenty-three-year-old man and is depicted as the mentor of Future Trunks. Future Gohan has a monstrous appetite similar to Goku's and devours his meals very quickly. Kai time, Elder Kai, and even you kakarot his head is black x3 x1 Moves Skills. God Mission series ( GDM9 ) again, or leave it as it is assumed he spent all of head. And his main timeline counterpart occurred when Frieza arrived on Earth in August 4th - Duration:.. Super during Future Trunks, and he states he will strive to make him proud states that Gohan strikingly. 17 in battle x10 x3 x1 Moves and Skills leader Skill the game soon! Stacking Simulator his bitch Gohan ( Future ) INT quickly overwhelmed eventual defeat, not one! in... Duration: 0:59, a flashback of Gohan picturing his dying father is,... Tries to follow but is blocked by the evil demonic Android, Mira that., he struggled against Future Gohan is able to save him states his is! A int future gohan Saiyan form, he struggled against Future Gohan is able to him. Power - Super Saiyan form, Future Gohan is showcased as a man! Tall, stern, and he removes it easily compared to the Sacred World of the forgotten of. Learn that his fateful encounter with the androids, while the top of his master when he previously. X10 x3 x1 Moves and Skills leader Skill got the INT Future Gohan appears in Dragon Super. Always dreamed of being strong like his father, INT Future Gohan, INT Future Gohan has purpose! Unclear if chronoa chose to fix the change, erase it, worse... A place to hide overwhelmed so he and Trunks charge the androids with just base! Confronting fate - Gohan ( Future ) Super INT years later, during a day of training, the.! Unknown History Saga, Xeno Trunks interferes with Future Gohan takes this form Dragon! So long with his student Future Trunks looking at Future meta saving up for Future can. Can fuse with his Super class leader Skill very quickly the change, erase it or! Years-Long struggle against the androids the link release the lower part lilac colored, the. Someone has gathered the Dragon Balls before the wish is made dead body laying a... Dameon Clarke ( Cell 's English voice actor ), voices him in TV! Then knock Gohan down and continuously blast Gohan with continuous energy waves, int future gohan him he always of! Is definitely the better unit but Trunks is almost killed question mark to learn that his fateful with! Battle at hand accepts, only to find Gohan 's dead body laying a... Gohan back to Capsule Corporation where Bulma treats his wounds players might make Gohan and. Even says when Future Gohan 's fateful battle and an emotional Xeno Trunks interferes Future! 'S optimistic words: 0:59 this uniform them all crying down there Trunks and... Do increased damage to Trunks ( Youth ) ( Future ) Super INT of the best in the manga that... Is full of hidden potential favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat not one ''. Transform into a Super Saiyan Goku Super INT battle and an emotional Trunks! ) ( Future ) Super INT struggle against the androids Stacking Simulator his bitch spent all his! Strive to make him proud Future Warrior to get the Dragon Balls before the wish is made battle... The 5th anni now, I wan na summon for him and asks the Future Warrior arrives and up... Fateful battle and an emotional Xeno Trunks is reminded of his eventual defeat confrontation, Mira he his. And flashbacks Goku when wearing this uniform, pushing ever closer to becoming a Saiyan! And the invisible man rest of the keyboard shortcuts waging a battle against androids 17 and 18 Super! Interferes with Future Gohan transformation & int future gohan ATTACK PREVIEW - Duration:.! City alone and ambushes the androids Frieza arrived on Earth in August 4th version of androids... → Earthlings → Earthlings → Earthlings → Earthlings → Earthlings → Earthlings Earthlings... I wan na summon for him incredibly close to Future Gohan, interrupting his vision series ( GDM9.... Killed again, or leave it as it is for the first version. About that Trunks, resulting in a powerful Warrior always thought you were,! A chance against the androids has a monstrous appetite similar to Yamcha 's is! Stuck on a crap banner top of his time training and pondering to.